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Findings that 'systemic racism' doesn't exist in the UK met with fury by anti-racist activists

What Rotherham proved, dramatically and tragically for the white girls who were the ongoing barbarism's victims, was that it is now anti-racism that is the default institutional response to inter-cultural tensions.

Barbara Kay / Apr 18, 2021

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Israeli Independence Day a cause for celebration with new friends in the UAE

Yes, you read that right. The UAE offered congratulations to Israel on Israeli Independence Day—in Hebrew.

Ari Hoffman / Apr 18, 2021

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Why pipelines should matter to Minnesota

When a company, after half a century, wants to decommission a pipeline and replace it with another, safer and more efficient one, that's a replacement pipeline, not a brand new pipeline project.

Mark Milke and Lennie Kaplan / Apr 17, 2021

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Canadian Pastor Pawlowski shows how American churches should have responded to closures

In the United States, where churches were shuttered for various amounts of time by state, some pastors did push back—others filed lawsuits, and yet still others remained quiet.

Nicole Russell / Apr 13, 2021

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Father who was jailed for violating gag order about child's medical gender transition to plead guilty

He will admit to willfully breaching certain orders of the Supreme Court restricting his speech and accept a sentence of 18 months probation.

Erin Perse / Apr 12, 2021

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White supremacy is NOT the root of all race-related violence

A critical race theory professor, who leads anti-racism workshops on intersectionality, penned an article arguing that white supremacy is the "root of all race-related violence" in the United States. It's not.

Mia Cathell / Apr 10, 2021

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Human Rights Campaign blasts epidemic of anti-trans violence—but it doesn't exist

The narrative of disproportionate violence against people of color does not appear supported, nor does the argument the numbers are severely underreported as LGBT fear reporting to the police.

Chad Felix Greene / Apr 10, 2021

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Trudeau government funds program teaching teens how to know they are trans

Teen Talk, with the backing of the government tells teens how to know they are transgender, but it gives teens no understanding as to how it feels to be fine within their own bodies.

Libby Emmons / Apr 10, 2021

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Dr. Bonnie Henry's lockdown is killing my mother

Lockdowns imposed by Dr. Bonnie Henry, British Columbia's Provincial Health Officer, are slowly killing my mother, and so many other people.

John Carpay / Apr 8, 2021

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Democracy should be about more than voting once every four years

Unfortunately, in Ontario, voters often need to wait years before handing out a pink slip that should have come long ago.

Jay Goldberg / Apr 6, 2021

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Framing voter ID laws as 'Jim Crow' denies the triumph of the Civil Rights movement

The continued framing of voter ID laws as particularly and intentionally anti-black 67 years after the Civil Rights Act is disingenuous.

Libby Emmons / Apr 6, 2021

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Woody Allen is not the enemy—he is a distraction

Woody Allen is not the enemy. He is a distraction from the swelling second wave of a more powerful, organized and LGBTQI+ collaborative movement, for which the 1970s phenomenon was but a dress rehearsal.

Barbara Kay / Apr 4, 2021

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Canada must boycott the Beijing Olympic Games in 2022

Canadian participation in Beijing 2022 will contradict the parliamentary verdict, and would directly betray the concerns of Canadian voters regarding China’s ongoing human rights violations.

Georgia L. Gilholy / Apr 4, 2021

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Why I will boycott New York's vaccine passport

Boycott vaccine passports, boycott them in every shape and size, do not submit, do not comply, do not give up your rights in service to a promise that doing so will restore them to you.

Libby Emmons / Apr 4, 2021

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Protests mount to get biological males out of Canada's women's prisons

Canadian women's groups mounted a protest at Kitchener's Grand Valley Institution for Women for the removal of male inmates from women's prisons.

Erin Perse / Apr 3, 2021

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