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Happy belated birthday, Canada!

"Canada is the best country in the world." There, I've said it. And I feel I have to, as we rarely hear these words from Canadians themselves.

Rick Ekstein / Jul 11, 2021

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Protecting women's rights is incompatible with defending gender self-ID

It is inconsistent to support the violation of the boundary between male and female as an identity that should be defended, and then grieve for the lost rights of people and children to have physical boundaries.

Jennifer Bilek / Jul 11, 2021

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Professor could be dragged before Human Rights Commission after raising gender and race debates in class

Prof. Haskell at Wilfrid Laurier University has been threatened with charges that will bring him before the Ontario Human Rights Commission for raising gender and race topics as open to debate.

Barbara Kay / Jul 11, 2021

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Banning critical race theory is the only option left for parents who are ignored and scorned

Writers from either side of the political divide got together in The New York Times to denounce recent measures by GOP lawmakers to ban the teaching of critical race theory in American schools.

Libby Emmons / Jul 6, 2021

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Why I still love America

Happy Independence Day, America: Long may we be lovers of liberty.

Nicole Russell / Jul 4, 2021

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New York Times calls for Kamala to be held to lower expectations so she can succeed

Klein's argument is literally that Harris should be given lesser challenges so that she won't look like a failure when she attempts to attain the presidency.

Libby Emmons / Jun 30, 2021

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The woke transformation of the military weakens the armed forces and the nation

It's disappointing and disgusting to see the turn our military has taken. Each branch seems to be in a new war: who can out-woke the other by posting "inspirational" heartfelt recruitment videos.

Benjamin Bradley / Jun 27, 2021

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What the case of the Masterpiece Cakeshop says about the LGBTQ+ movement and free speech rights

When the gender-rights movement first got under way, their activists depended on society's commitment to free speech and conscience rights at a time when their own demands were unpopular.

Barbara Kay / Jun 27, 2021

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Woman charged with hate crime after 'transphobic' tweets

The police allege that the three tweets posted by Millar over the course of a year were "homophobic" and "transphobic" in a manner justifying criminal proceedings.

Erin Perse / Jun 27, 2021

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REVEALED: Critical race theory is being used to create curriculum in public schools

Left-wing media constantly claims that critical race theory is not being taught to your children, but in reality, it's the basis for the curriculum.

Libby Emmons / Jun 26, 2021

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'Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism' is a must read book on the transgender debate

Kathleen Stock's Material Girls is about gender, sex, feminism, and transgender ideology, topics that are inseparable from wider cultural forces today—like postmodernism and poststructuralism.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Jun 21, 2021

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Vox attacks brave black author for telling the truth about cancel culture

Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie wrote a stunning screed earlier this week about a former student's opportunistic attempt to effectively cancel her over allegations of transphobia.

Libby Emmons / Jun 18, 2021

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A Canadian historian faces cancellation for rejecting comparison between residential-school tragedy and the Holocaust

Chris Champion, publisher of the biannual Dorchester Review did dare to publish a rebuttal to the "Canadian Holocaust" trope on the DR website, titled "From Katyn to Kamloops."

Barbara Kay / Jun 18, 2021

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Understanding the ideology of Covidism

Nothing matters on Covidism except the singular and futile pursuit of one goal: vanquishing one virus.

John Carpay / Jun 18, 2021

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'Trans Mission' exposes the fallacy of the gender transition narrative

Produced by The Center for Bioethics and Culture, "Trans Mission" tries to understand the industry that has emerged around the concept of gender identity and medical gender transition of minors.

Libby Emmons / Jun 17, 2021

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