Stripper falls two-storeys off pole, twerks it off

A Texan stripper took a major fall during her dance at a strip club recently. Genea Sky fell 15-feet off the pole, only to shake things off.

A Texan stripper took a tumble during her dance at a strip club recently. Genea Sky, fell 15-feet off the pole only to shake things off with a seamless recovery twerk, according to TMZ.

Sky was working at โ€œgentlemanโ€™sโ€ club in Texas when she seriously injured herself over the weekend. Sky hiked herself up the pole making it all the way to the two-story mark before she came crashing back down.

The fall looks pretty rough, and one would think she would have needed help getting back up, but instead she manages a slick recovery.

Genea Sky announced the details of the fall via her social media in the aftermath. Sky said sheโ€™d fractured her jaw, sprained her ankle and cracked some of her teeth. She also required stitches and will require some surgery.

A friend of the now viral stripper has started a GoFundMe campaign to help Genea to cover her medical expenses. The total goal is set at US$20,000 and has already managed to gain just over $13,000 so far.