US far-right Christian plans to sue NFL for ‘pornographic’ halftime show

Dave Daubenmire wants to sue the NFL for trillions for the sexual nature of the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show featuring Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

The sultry halftime performance featuring Shakira and Jennifer Lopez at the recent Super Bowl LIV has struck a nerve with one spectator, Christian internet personality Dave Daubenmire, who announced his plans to sue the NFL over the provocative spectacle, according to CTV News.

Host of the “Pass the Salt” webcast, Daubenmire routinely proclaims his anti-Semitic, anti-abortion and homophobic views. More recently he’s set his sights on the NFL for their recent halftime show claiming that it was “pornographic” and felt that his viewing could “keep him from getting into the kingdom of Heaven.” He plans to sue the responsible for the broadcast for trillions of dollars.

Daubenmire argues that the halftime show should have come with a warning due to its provocative nature, claiming that the subject matter was “discriminatory” to his Christian values. In a YouTube video he stated,”you can’t just do that. I want to sue [the NFL] for about $867 trillion.”

Daubenmire doubled down more recently with a post on Facebook asking for a lawyer interested in taking on the case as well as asking other like-minded Christians to join him and his cause in a class-action suit.