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Barbara Kay

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Journalism professor violates hate speech rules in comparing Israeli Defense Force to the Mafia

A Sheridan College journalism instructor penned an article in Al Jazeera claiming a similarity between the criminal enterprise known as the Mafia and the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

Barbara Kay / Oct 3, 2021

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University removes alumni photos from 1907 in promise to show 'a more diverse and inclusive vision of engineering'

This decision to pull alumni class photos makes no social-justice sense, let alone common sense, as it runs counter to the paradigm for the cancellation of figures considered "problematic" in the jargon of social justice theory.

Barbara Kay / Sep 21, 2021

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Ideologues want males in women's space but real people believe in fairness

They keep saying "trans rights are human rights." But when you say to them, "But women's rights are also human rights," their faces go blank and their eyes go dead. They are not programmed for logic.

Barbara Kay / Sep 6, 2021

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It's time for new guidelines on transgender athletes competing in women's sports

Emerging research shows that it is not fair for biological males to compete against women, except in those categories where talent, not biology, is the deciding factor in high performance.

Barbara Kay / Aug 22, 2021

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Trans man is Twitter-banned after speaking against gender transition of children

The gender mystics are winning social media battles, but the war will be won by the heroes who refuse to yield to their tyranny, who refuse to be silenced, and who find other pathways to make their case.

Barbara Kay / Aug 8, 2021

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Ben & Jerry's doesn't boycott any nation but Israel over human rights abuses

Ben & Jerry's boycott of Israel is one they can afford, but they would never take this approach with larger markets, like China, despite human rights abuses in that nation.

Barbara Kay / Jul 25, 2021

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Professor could be dragged before Human Rights Commission after raising gender and race debates in class

Prof. Haskell at Wilfrid Laurier University has been threatened with charges that will bring him before the Ontario Human Rights Commission for raising gender and race topics as open to debate.

Barbara Kay / Jul 11, 2021

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What the case of the Masterpiece Cakeshop says about the LGBTQ+ movement and free speech rights

When the gender-rights movement first got under way, their activists depended on society's commitment to free speech and conscience rights at a time when their own demands were unpopular.

Barbara Kay / Jun 27, 2021

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A Canadian historian faces cancellation for rejecting comparison between residential-school tragedy and the Holocaust

Chris Champion, publisher of the biannual Dorchester Review did dare to publish a rebuttal to the "Canadian Holocaust" trope on the DR website, titled "From Katyn to Kamloops."

Barbara Kay / Jun 18, 2021

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Left-wing media engages in out of control Israel bashing

In this era, the combination of demonization, delegitimation and double standards regarding Israel in the media has a direct link to arousal of antisemitic rhetoric and even antisemitic behaviour.

Barbara Kay / Jun 6, 2021

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Head of Canada's progressive 'Anti-Hate' network warns of 'sick rumours of violence aimed at Jews' after recent antisemitic violence

In every major city of North America and Europe, last week's anti-Israel rallies turned ugly in a way we in Canada have not seen before, with rock-throwing, Israel flag burning and outright assaults reported. (Photo: Yanky Pollak)

Barbara Kay / May 22, 2021

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Mobbing of medical resident reveals double standards for social justice

Zachary Kuehner fell victim to a ruthless mobbing campaign that put him through a bruising "remediation" wringer, and came close to ending his career in medicine.

Barbara Kay / May 18, 2021

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The divisive politics of COVID lead to vaccine hesitancy

State intervention to constrain the spread of an infectious disease is nothing new, and has been efficacious in almost eradicating in this part of the world what is one of the more pernicious maladies humankind is heir to.

Barbara Kay / May 8, 2021

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Findings that 'systemic racism' doesn't exist in the UK met with fury by anti-racist activists

What Rotherham proved, dramatically and tragically for the white girls who were the ongoing barbarism's victims, was that it is now anti-racism that is the default institutional response to inter-cultural tensions.

Barbara Kay / Apr 18, 2021

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Woody Allen is not the enemy—he is a distraction

Woody Allen is not the enemy. He is a distraction from the swelling second wave of a more powerful, organized and LGBTQI+ collaborative movement, for which the 1970s phenomenon was but a dress rehearsal.

Barbara Kay / Apr 4, 2021

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