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Christopher Lindsay

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How Justin Trudeau gaslights women

He wants Canadians to believe his accusers have a wrong perception of reality.

Christopher Lindsay / May 6, 2019


Why Justin Trudeau is not a champion of diversity

As Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau often champions the idea that diversity is Canada’s strength. However, the Liberal government’s changes to the Canada Summer Jobs program reveal that on the matter of abortion, Trudeau has zero tolerance for ideological diversity.

Christopher Lindsay / Apr 27, 2019


Why Trump didn’t incite violence

Criticizing Ilhan Omar’s words or actions is not inciting violence.

Christopher Lindsay / Apr 19, 2019


Why the Employment Equity Act is unjust

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” George Orwell

Christopher Lindsay / Mar 2, 2019


LINDSAY: Why New York’s abortion law is evil

In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Marcellus says, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

Christopher Lindsay / Feb 14, 2019


LINDSAY: Judicial insanity – A man with 27,500 fentanyl pills goes free

The judge has an extremely liberal view of the Charter of Rights.

Christopher Lindsay / Jan 29, 2019

News, American News

LINDSAY: The reason Democrats oppose a border wall

The Democrats want to humiliate Trump by making him break his #1 campaign promise.

Christopher Lindsay / Jan 20, 2019


How Justin Trudeau divides Canadians

Ironically, Trudeau is the one who is engaging in the politics of division. He is intolerant toward people who disagree with him.

Christopher Lindsay / Dec 23, 2018

Canadian News, American News

Are illegal border crossers jumping the queue?

Canada has a defacto open borders policy when it comes to asylum seekers.

Christopher Lindsay / Dec 16, 2018


Why sex-selective abortions should be banned

Terminating a pregnancy because the fetus is female devalues all women.

Christopher Lindsay / Dec 9, 2018


LINDSAY: The reason Justin Trudeau broke his balanced budget promise

The Liberal fiscal plan was a clever deception to win the election.

Christopher Lindsay / Nov 27, 2018


LINDSAY: Why voter fraud could impact Canadian elections

When people can vote without proving they are Canadian citizens, the results of every election should be questioned, especially if the outcome in any riding was close.

Christopher Lindsay / Nov 20, 2018


LINDSAY: How Proportional Representation Divides Society

PR opens the door for fringe and extremist parties to win seats.

Christopher Lindsay / Nov 10, 2018


LINDSAY: Donald Trump – The Nationalist

Trump’s America First Policy is a serious threat to globalist goals. As a result, globalists often attack American nationalism by conflating it with fascism and racism.

Christopher Lindsay / Nov 3, 2018


LINDSAY: Why the Notwithstanding Clause should be invoked

Without Section 33, there would be no way to reverse a politically-biased ruling by the Supreme Court.

Christopher Lindsay / Oct 22, 2018

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