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Erin Holmes

Erin Holmes is a product manager and developer in the tech industry.

News Analysis

Maine State Police under fire for disregarding video confession of man soliciting minors for sex

"It is our understanding and experience that the tactics that are employed by these groups are at best questionable and at worst coercive," Maine State Police said.

Erin Holmes / Feb 2, 2024

News Analysis

GOP establishment pours money into anti-Trump candidates instead of those who have his endorsement

GOP leaders maneuver to split the party by backing establishment candidates and propping up spoiler candidates, paving the way for Republicans who have a history of capitulating to the left.

Erin Holmes / Aug 1, 2022

News Analysis

China's purchase of US farmland is a national security concern

A report released from the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission noted the parcel's close proximity to Grand Forks Air Force Base, which sits about 12 miles away.

Erin Holmes / Jul 17, 2022

Opinion, News Analysis

Pro-pedophilia group pressures academic journal to remove paper over 'defamation'

The British Journal of Philosophy, Sociology and History confirmed they were contacted by Prostasia reps demanding paper be removed on the grounds that "the paper was defamatory for the company."

Erin Holmes / May 7, 2022

Opinion, News Analysis

Simone Biles named 'Athlete of the Year' despite not competing

The announcement of TIME's Athlete of the Year leads many to wonder why the award was given to an athlete who chose not to compete.

Erin Holmes / Dec 9, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

It's time to scrap the Equal Rights Amendment

Denying simple truths isn't good for women, and if we are to pass laws that are good for women, we must first come to consensus on what is good.

Erin Holmes / Oct 27, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

How pedophiles are being normalized

Pedophilia as a recognized sexual orientation has gained relevance with a rising number of organizations and academics within the last decade alone.

Erin Holmes / Sep 26, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Corporate activism is at the core of Google employees' newly formed Alphabet Workers Union

These union employees intend to use their collective bargaining power to change the company's operations and operational strategy with regard to what drives contracts and marketplace practices.

Erin Holmes / Jan 31, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

The DNC used fear to coerce the public into voting absentee and downplayed fraud risks

The DNC masterfully orchestrated a full-scale assault on how Americans cast their ballots by using tactics to make voters afraid to vote in person, and then shamed anyone who downplayed those fears.

Erin Holmes / Nov 15, 2020

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Big tech sovereignty erodes democracy

When dominant firms, lawmakers, and members of the press unify their political interests, corporate power becomes sovereign power, unrestricted and unrestrained.

Erin Holmes / Nov 1, 2020

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