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Micah Ryu

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As society must accommodate individuals, individuals must accommodate society

Diversity can only be Canada’s strength if we share common core values. That was what an 85-year-old Don Cherry, albeit poorly, was attempting to point out.

Micah Ryu / Nov 13, 2019

Canadian News, News

Newfoundland PCs double their seats in historic election result

These are not ordinary times, and the Newfoundland election was certainly anything but ordinary.

Micah Ryu / May 17, 2019

Canadian News, News, Politics & Policy

Trudeau felt entitled to loyalty from bureaucrats according to new Fife report

It continues to paint a troubling picture of the prime minister, a man who perhaps might not have “been so forward” with his corruption if he knew that the national newspapers would report on it.

Micah Ryu / May 17, 2019

Canadian News, News, Politics & Policy

Today is E-Day on The Rock and here’s why it matters more than you might think

Today marks the end of yet another exceptionally divisive campaign, and the last provincial election before October.

Micah Ryu / May 16, 2019

Canadian News, News

StopSOP lawyers risked their careers for the sake of sanity and a silent majority supported them

Ontario’s Law Society just had its elections, in which lawyers across the province elect their representatives for the monthly board meetings. The Law Societies are the regulatory bodies in each province for the legal profession.

Micah Ryu / May 3, 2019

Canadian News, News

Horgan takes the bait and sues Alberta over “turn off the taps” legislation

The government of British Columbia has sued the government of Alberta, claiming that Premier Kenney’s “turn off the taps” legislation is unconstitutional.

Micah Ryu / May 1, 2019


Stubborn and unimaginative political elites have turned electoral reform into a national threat

The Quebec government has announced that it will switch to a proportional representation election system without a referendum.

Micah Ryu / Apr 27, 2019

Canadian News, News

What if we kept the carbon tax, and got rid of the GST instead?

The term “revenue neutral” has gotten a bit mixed up in the recent controversy surrounding the government’s carbon pricing plan.

Micah Ryu / Apr 26, 2019

Canadian News, News, Politics & Policy

PEI goes blue: What that means for Canada

A PC minority government in PEI.

Micah Ryu / Apr 23, 2019

Canadian News, News

Refugees finally join Canadians in being less important than Liberals’ political interests

Parties are not just a collection of people. It is like a body that replaces its cells over time. Like a body, a party has an institutional memory, a culture that develops naturally as individuals pursue the group interest insofar as they coincide with personal interests.

Micah Ryu / Apr 13, 2019

Canadian News, News

Gas prices spike as carbon tax takes effect

New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan saw gas prices increase by about 4.4 cents per litre starting on Monday.

Micah Ryu / Apr 1, 2019

Politics & Policy

Let Her Speak: Legal opinions are fact-specific and nobody knows the facts

Laws apply to facts. Until we have the facts, legal experts can’t apply the laws to them.

Micah Ryu / Mar 24, 2019

Canadian News, News

Twilight Zone: The ‘other’ MPs in Parliament

There are more MPs than you realize not from the official big three parties!

Micah Ryu / Mar 23, 2019

Business & Finance

Silver lining: Canada’s economy still looks good in the long-term

Things may seem bleak to some, but Canada’s situation has to be put into perspective.

Micah Ryu / Mar 21, 2019

News, International News

ISIS has finally been expelled but Syria remains divided

The liberation of Baghouz represents the last of ISIS-controlled territory, over which the terrorist group has ruled with an iron fist.

Micah Ryu / Mar 21, 2019

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