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Those concerned about the rise of populism are unwittingly making it more popular

With bitter divisions plaguing Western democracies, it is increasingly difficult to identify the issues on which both sides agree.

Shane Miller / Mar 15, 2019


How social justice ruins the comedy scene

In comedy, “bombing” is when your jokes don’t land, and the crowd stares stone faced at whatever jokes you’re saying. The show I was at this night could probably be described as less of a comedy show, and more of a bomb-factory.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Mar 15, 2019

American News, Culture

The college cheating scandal explained

The academic world is in the grips of yet another scandal. This time it’s come in the form of an admissions scandal of truly epic proportions.

John Faithful Hamer / Mar 14, 2019

Canadian News, News, Culture

Antifa “terrorizes” Vancouver Greek-Orthodox community into cancelling free speech event after threats of violence

“Specifically, threats of violence against our members by various political fringe groups and one domestic terrorist organization are now deemed very credible, and have escalated in the last 48 hours,” says the Hellenic community.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa / Mar 13, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Trudeau’s hollow reconciliation efforts are failing Canada’s Indigenous peoples

The path to reconciliation must lead toward autonomy and self-government for Indigenous peoples. Once we are able to manage our own affairs and keep our own leaders in check, then we all will prosper.

Travis Gladue-Beauregard / Mar 13, 2019

Opinion, Culture

How to deal with a progressive bully

Look at those in Social Media Land who most loudly proclaim the Gospel of Liberation, and look carefully, because tomorrow’s tyrants will be chosen from among their ranks.

John Faithful Hamer / Mar 12, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Our culture is antiseptic and it’s killing us

There must be a more productive use of social media than ruining people’s lives.

Barrett Wilson / Mar 12, 2019


The French version of the Canadian anthem is not woke

Quebec, if the English version of the national anthem was offensive, boy oh boy, do we have news for you

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Mar 11, 2019


Gad Saad: The Post Millennial Interview

In this interview, Gad Saad puts forth a kind of call to arms, calling for fellow academics to join him in his crusade against social justice antics, and to speak up against the parasitic thought that has gone viral across Western and developed countries, especially on college campuses

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Mar 11, 2019


Is a perfect class size the magic to student learning?

Spoiler: The unions want you to think so.

Sabrina Zuniga PhD. / Mar 9, 2019


Mathieu Bock-Côté: a Québécois conservatism

Bock-Cote was – and continues to be – in favour of a nationalism that attaches culture, history, language, and religion to the idea of national identity.

Josh Nahmias / Mar 7, 2019


After Rogan podcast, Twitter has a genuine opportunity to reject censorship

Twitter has an opportunity to help unite a politically divided nation. To move toward that goal, however, they will have to heed Pool’s and Rogan’s advice to break out of their own ideological bubble.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson / Mar 6, 2019


The culture wars come for the writers

“Where I get nervous is when people get denounced for saying things that make people feel uncomfortable or denounced for not having the right to express something because they are not from the background which should be expressing it.”

Diana Davison / Mar 6, 2019


The Guardian tries to smear Morrissey. Here’s why it won’t work

The Guardian’s smear of Morrissey was just one of many to appear over the last few years in the mainstream media. The hit pieces keep coming. But they never work. He’s too seminal, too necessary, too good.

Joseph Fang / Mar 2, 2019


Five ways Canada can confront radical Islam,while also combatting the disturbing rise in hate towards our Muslim citizens

The federal government has failed to protect our country from the threat of radical Islamism, and they’ve failed to protect Canadian Muslims from violence.

Spencer Fernando / Mar 2, 2019

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