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The debate over “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is tone deaf

Woke types hate "Baby It's Cold Outside" but they don't understand it

Barbara Kay / Dec 17, 2018


Why Titania McGrath is funny

Titania McGrath must be swimming in the progressivism she mocks because you can’t mock that well from a distance.

John Faithful Hamer / Dec 15, 2018


Jordan Peterson speaks out on Patreon controversy

Jordan Peterson defends controversial YouTuber and pledges to help look for solutions

Joseph Fang / Dec 14, 2018


Have some more babies, bring back the Rhino Party, and don't post problematic GIFS

Three thoughts for the week by our very own Carrie Ling

Carrie Ling / Dec 12, 2018


Patreon betrays the trust of its users

Patreon created such an atmosphere of distrust that many users have set up accounts with a competing platform.

Diana Davison / Dec 12, 2018


Twitter bans Titania McGrath, the best Twitter troll ever

Another deplatforming proves that Twitter has become a joyless cesspool of virtue signalling zombies

Joseph Fang / Dec 10, 2018


Can conservatives and liberals really be friends in 2018?

Bari Weiss and Eve Peyser try to forge a problematic friendship

Barbara Kay / Dec 10, 2018


Lena Dunham and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad lie

Is Lena Dunham vicious or misunderstood? Friends and former friends weigh in.

Diana Davison / Dec 10, 2018


Montreal mayor forced to apologize for speaking English to English companies

If Montreal ever wants to be a big time player in business, it will have to get over these petty language disputes

Yanky Pollak / Dec 5, 2018

Opinion, Culture

The world has been switched to safe mode

Wall Street, Tumblr, Jordan Peterson, Quillette, Teen Vogue, Penthouse, Punk Rock, and the IDW. Just another week in the culture wars.

Joseph Fang / Dec 5, 2018


FALK: Trudeau defends plan to snatch up Canadians’ private financial information

Conservative MP Ted Falk lays out his thoughts on the StatsCan data scandal.

Ted Falk / Nov 10, 2018


Political correctness - The enemy of free speech

When political correctness seeks ideological conformity, it becomes a form of tyranny.

Christopher Lindsay / Apr 27, 2018

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