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Context matters more than the words we use

Context is incredibly important. Sentences are like iceburgs. There is what appears on the surface, the letters you see printed on paper. But underneath the words, there’s more than what appears. Sentences can be extrapolated to no end, and interpreted in countless ways,

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Apr 10, 2019


Consent condoms: the latest technology that reveals how stupid we’ve become

Consent condoms, sex dolls, sex robots, chastity belts, consent apps, etc.—these technologies that are meant to keep us safe actually put us in grave danger. Instead of letting technology guide our actions, we should know our minds, and think our own thoughts clearly.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson / Apr 10, 2019


CANADA-WIDE WARRANT: Ontario police hunt repeat offender

Ontario provincial police are hunting 25-year-old Fern Joyal, a federal prisoner who allegedly breached his statutory release.

Joseph Fang / Apr 10, 2019


The new sex doll craze proves we are in the midst of a sex panic

It’s official. We are not just living in a “sex recession,” we are living through a sex panic.

Libby Emmons / Apr 9, 2019


The consequences of the online mob game

Would the world be a much better place if you stopped participating in these online mobs, and treated those with whom you disagree with more respect? Absolutely.

John Faithful Hamer / Apr 8, 2019


Joe Rogan reveals there is “much more” to Louis CK story

“There was a lot of sex talk. There was a lot of flirting…there was a lot going on … there are women who are taking advantage of this [#MeToo] movement!” ?

Diana Davison / Apr 8, 2019


British woman's family relentlessly mobbed by activists for "misgendering"

While on the exterior they might present as a beautiful, quiet family living their lives in quaint English parish, they have recently been the target of a seemingly limitless campaign of harassment. Why? Because Caroline Farrow misgendered someone.

Sandra Allard / Apr 7, 2019


Don’t dance with the dead—you will get sick and die

What do we gain from hoisting the bodies of beloved 20th century icons? Dancing with the dead is a clear sign of a culture unaware of what harm they are doing to themselves.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Apr 6, 2019


Inside the mind of a progressive professor: female skeletons “did not exist” before the enlightenment, and biology is “bigotry”

It’s not often that I’m stunned into disbelief by the words of a sociologist. As a sociology honours student, I’ve felt I’ve become emotionally and intellectually insulated against the Judith Butlerisms and intellectual gymnastics so often associated with my field.

Anna Slatz / Apr 4, 2019


Bye bye, binary: thoughts on Teen Vogue’s latest video

The latest in science denial comes in the form of a video from Teen Vogue. “5 Misconceptions About Sex and Gender.”

Andrea Lynn / Apr 4, 2019


Terry Crews and the case for fathers

Crews learned to practice the art of admitting his shortcomings. He dedicated himself to being a good father, husband, and man.

Ashley Donde / Apr 3, 2019


Review: Titania McGrath’s Woke

Indeed, wokeness is a phenomenon that we may never be able to comprehend fully.

Shane Miller / Apr 2, 2019


Conservatives must listen to their base on immigration, not the left-wing media

It’s amusing that liberals obviously shouldn’t be trusted to have conservatives’ best interests at heart, and frightening because too many conservative politicians and consultants are naïve enough not to realize this.

Brad Betters / Apr 2, 2019


Five ways to use social media to open your political mind

There is a way to climb out of the social media sludge, and into the clean air of reason without having to give up Twitter or Facebook entirely. Not only that, I believe social media can actually help you open up your political perspectives—if you use it wisely.

Ashley Donde / Apr 1, 2019


In defense of sex: millennials should really try having it

It’s way easier to stay home and masturbate than to go out and fall in love. But it’s not better. Sex, love, and life are worth leaving your parents’ basement for.

Libby Emmons / Mar 31, 2019

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