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Lucas Holtvluwer

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News, American News

2020 presidential race shaping up to be Trump vs Sanders populism

The continuation of American enterprise and free market capitalism or the first steps of American socialism will make for a heady choice come November 2020.

Lucas Holtvluwer / Apr 20, 2019

Politics & Policy

Unsure about abortion? Let’s examine the science.

Once the fetal stage begins in week nine, the fetus can be seen sucking their thumb, stretching, sighing, opening their mouth and moving their tongue.

Lucas Holtvluwer / Apr 16, 2019

Canadian News, News

Fake news, Indigenous relations and healthcare: Alberta election heating up in Slave Lake

The local Alberta Party Candidate, Vincent Rain, an Indigenous man himself, can be seen shaking his head in disgust during Larivee’s answer during the debate.

Lucas Holtvluwer / Apr 13, 2019

Politics & Policy

Ford government auto insurance changes good news for Ontario drivers

These savings would be a welcome change for many Ontario drivers as auto insurance rates in the province have been among the highest in Canada for nearly a decade now.

Lucas Holtvluwer / Apr 12, 2019

News, American News

Anti-abortion film “Unplanned” debuts strongly, beats Captain Marvel per screen average

Pulling out an average of $5,770 from each theater, Unplanned topped Captain Marvel by about $650 per screen, despite Captain Marvel’s $150 million dollar budget.

Lucas Holtvluwer / Apr 1, 2019


Beto O’Rourke is the Justin Trudeau of America

They each come from well to do backgrounds of privilege, with both men’s families well entrenched in politics since their youth.

Lucas Holtvluwer / Apr 1, 2019


Preston Manning on faith, Jordan Peterson, and Stephen Harper’s populism

“You can have as much freedom as your prepared to accept responsibility for.”

Lucas Holtvluwer / Mar 30, 2019

Canadian News, News

Wilson-Raybould recorded conversation while facing pressure over SNC-Lavalin

A recording of one of the crucial conversations during the time period of “inappropriate pressure” from the PMO on Wilson-Raybould would give greater insight into where exactly that trust broke down.

Lucas Holtvluwer / Mar 29, 2019

Canadian News, News

Grade 8 school book promotes trans ideology, rejects biology

Grade 8 students in classrooms across Nova Scotia are being taught about transgender issues using a school book that is littered with unscientific propaganda.

Lucas Holtvluwer / Mar 25, 2019

Canadian News, News

Young Canadians are the biggest losers in the Budget 2019 sweepstakes

As more and more Canadians wind down their careers and enter into retirement, the burden is increasingly left for younger Canadians to shoulder.

Lucas Holtvluwer / Mar 20, 2019


Conservative politicians have the potential to lead on climate change

Guided by experienced business stewards from the private sector and funded in part by the government, a partnership with BEV could be a fantastic policy for Scheer to campaign on this fall.

Lucas Holtvluwer / Mar 19, 2019

Canadian News, News

Justice committee Liberal MPs sign letter asking chair to shut down SNC-Lavalin investigation

The Liberal committee members wrote to Housefather saying that Canadians now have enough information to “judge for themselves.”

Lucas Holtvluwer / Mar 18, 2019

Canadian News, News

Liberals investigating liberals: Trudeau hires top insider as “advisor” to study AG office reform

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced in Question Period today that he has appointed former Liberal cabinet minister and deputy prime minister, Anne McLellan, to investigate the roles of attorney general and minister of justice to see if they should be separated.

Lucas Holtvluwer / Mar 18, 2019


The media needs to settle down, Scheer’s statement was not a “dog-whistle”

Surely, if all of this was done to court the racist vote, Scheer has blown his chances by now hasn’t he?

Lucas Holtvluwer / Mar 17, 2019

American News

Illegal border crossing from Canada to U.S. up 91% in 2018

Over 960 people crossed illegally into the U.S. from Canada last year, according to data from U.S, Customs and Border Protection.

Lucas Holtvluwer / Mar 11, 2019

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