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Antifa and left-wing activists incite panic over free-speech conference

What is worrying is the left’s seamless merging with the very things they purport to fight against. In their fight to stomp out oppression, they themselves have become the oppressor

Libby Emmons and Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Aug 21, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Pregnancy doesn’t care about your pronouns

Mothers have a history of teaming up, sending messages along that umbilical cord stretched out through the ages. Let’s never give that up.

Libby Emmons / Aug 20, 2019

Opinion, Culture

UPDATED: Minds IRL free speech event will take place despite smear tactics and threats of violence

Emerging social media platform Minds has received threats of violence in advance of its upcoming conference. “It will happen no matter what,” Tim Pool says.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson / Aug 19, 2019

Canadian News, Culture

Jessica Yaniv “admits” to child predation, doxxing Blaire White, and a new accuser emerges

Popular YouTuber Blaire White has produced audio evidence that Jessica Yaniv has doxxed her. Yaniv has also admitted to preying on young girls.

Anna Slatz / Aug 19, 2019


I spent one day with Antifa in Portland

Donning what I had hoped would allow me to blend seamlessly into the crowd, I prepared for a day of marching amongst Portland’s Antifa activists.

Anna Slatz / Aug 18, 2019

American News, Culture

UPDATED: Violence in Portland as Antifa assaults numerous people

Violence has broken out on the streets of Portland this afternoon as Antifa and right-wing groups came face-to-face, with Antifa assaulting numerous people.The Proud Boys and Antifa held simultaneous demonstrations in Portland’s downtown.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz and Barrett Wilson / Aug 17, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Forget Colin Kaepernick—Jay-Z will make the NFL great again

Owners and general managers assessed that signing Kaepernick wasn’t worth the risk. Kaepernick’s resume, while decent enough for a young career, wasn’t worth the trouble of signing him to a team. But this in and of itself has caused the NFL to go through some very notable woes.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Aug 16, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Robot referees are ruining sports

Technology is here to stay, but it’s clear that we are losing important elements in sports as we turn more and more away from its human roots.

Jordan Goldstein / Aug 16, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Was Carlos Maza oppressed by getting fired from Vox?

But what if Maza was just bad at his job? Yes, he was good at boycotting and shaming hardworking people, but what if he sucked at journalism?

Diana Davison / Aug 16, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Manchild drives new BMW into river because parents didn’t get him a Jaguar instead

A young driver allegedly pushed his new BMW into a river. Why? Because his parents got him the BMW instead of the Jaguar that he wanted.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Aug 15, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Why does Teen Vogue want your daughters to have secret abortions?

Parents are not the enemy, abortion isn’t always the answer, and Teen Vogue will probably do less damage promoting socialism than giving bad advice to teens

Libby Emmons / Aug 15, 2019

Opinion, Culture, Politics & Policy

Twitter suspends popular conservative commentator Rita Panahi

The latest conservative Twitter casualty is Sky News host, Weekly Times opinion columnist, and beloved Twitter personality, Rita Panahi.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson / Aug 15, 2019

Canadian News, Culture

Taylor Swift sends $6000 to Ontario fan who couldn’t afford tuition

Taylor Swift has wooed the internet with her latest move as she donated more than $6,000 to a fan who couldn’t afford her tuition.

Siddak Ahuja / Aug 14, 2019


Blaire White claims that Jessica Yaniv doxxed her and she is calling the police

American YouTuber Blaire White claims that she received recorded confirmation from Yaniv that the Canadian leaked her personal address and phone number.

Anna Slatz and Barrett Wilson / Aug 14, 2019


Blogger mom thinks her teens’ counterculture is white supremacy

In an epic Twitter thread, a blogger mom ranted about the problem with what white, teen boys like on the internet.

Libby Emmons / Aug 13, 2019

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