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What exactly is going on with those “30-50 feral hogs” tweets?

“Legit question for rural Americans – How do I kill the 30-50 feral hogs that run into my yard within 3-5 mins while my small kids play?”

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Aug 6, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Hollywood celebrity attacks Albertan institution

Given the challenges Alberta’s farmers face right now, I didn’t expect to spend part of my week fighting with a former celebrity lifeguard about rodeo safety

Devin Dreeshen / Aug 6, 2019

Opinion, Culture

The inventor of the gender reveal party regrets her invention because it’s 2019

When parents learn about the gender of their babies, they are learning what sex organs the baby has. This is not entirely irrelevant information.

Libby Emmons / Aug 5, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Tribalism is terrorizing America

Tribalism is the single-biggest threat to the peaceful fabric of North American life.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson / Aug 5, 2019

Opinion, Culture, International News

U.K. PhD student to be investigated for “transphobia”

A PhD student at the University of Huddersfield has found himself the subject of a formal investigation after a complaint was filed against him for “transphobia.”

Anna Slatz / Aug 3, 2019

American News, Culture

Firefighters rescue and console heartbroken raccoon from death-trap grate

A distraught raccoon has been rescued by the Newton, Massachusetts fire department after spending many melancholic hours attempting to free itself from a street drain grate.

Nico Johnson / Aug 2, 2019

Canadian News, Opinion, Culture

Kevin O’Leary expects his employees to work while on vacation because he’s horrible

According to the multi-millionaire TV personality and businessman, a home life being separate from your work life is something of a pipe dream, even if you’re on one of those so-called “vacations.”

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Aug 2, 2019

Opinion, American News, Culture

Mario Lopez apologizes for saying that parents shouldn’t force children to be trans

Lopez was not wrong. Accepting a toddler’s determination of their gender identity, a concept which is confusing even to adults.

Libby Emmons / Aug 2, 2019

Opinion, American News, Culture, Technology

CNN thinks people are racist against robots of colour

Robot celebrities like Sophia, who has appeared on a variety of talk shows and given millions of people the heeby-jeebies, depict white faces. According to the New Zealand-based study, this is a problem, as robots should be as diverse as humanity.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Aug 1, 2019

Canadian News, Culture

B.C. woman fends off deadly cougar by blasting “Don’t Tread on Me” by Metallica

Vancouver Island resident Dee Gallant has avoided a potentially deadly encounter with a cougar by blasting Metallica’s “Don’t Tread on Me” from their infamous 1991 Black Album.

Dylan Gibbons / Aug 1, 2019

Opinion, Culture, Politics & Policy

Big tech can’t take down Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi is for real. We’re sure big tech will keep trying to suppress her voice, and in the end, they might even succeed. But for now, despite their best efforts, the American people hear Tulsi loud and clear.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson / Aug 1, 2019

Opinion, Culture, Technology

Anti-human technology is spreading to North America

Facial recognition tech is insidious and invasive. Users of the software claim it enhances safety, secures streets, targets criminals, but in practice, it targets everyone and is anathema to liberty and individual rights.

Libby Emmons / Jul 31, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Is Snopes okay?

Why the hell is a media watchdog organization doing fact checks of satire in the first place? Are they going to set the record straight on A Modest Proposal next?

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson / Jul 30, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Is The Guardian finally coming to its senses?

Now that evidence is beginning to mount of the dangers of transing children, as well as the Yaniv-style implications of forcing trans ideology on the public, the outlet seems to have to come to its senses.

Libby Emmons / Jul 29, 2019

Opinion, Culture

It’s time we renovated 24 Sussex Drive

This project must not be interpreted as a confrontation between Conservatives or Liberals. Due to its profound significance, 24 Sussex should be seen as a national duty above any adherence to a specific side of the aisle.

Anthony Daoud / Jul 29, 2019

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