Fifty years later, Easy Rider leaves a complicated legacy

In the countercultural moment of the late 1960's, writers and cultural thinkers were doing as much to dissect and understand their time and their moment as we are today

Joseph Fang / Jan 30, 2019


Buzzfeed sells YouTube on censorship

People are turning to people like Jordan Peterson, Philip DeFranco, Christina Hoff Sommers, Tim Pool, and Joe Rogan to get their information for a reason.

Barrett Wilson / Jan 30, 2019


Identity politics is destroying Hollywood

An organization called Time’s Up is demanding that film producers take a pledge. It’s called “The 4% Challenge” and the goal is to increase the number of female directors working in the film industry.

Diana Davison / Jan 28, 2019


Telling laid off journalists to learn to code is apparently “harassment”

Shortly after it was reported that over 1000 people were laid off at Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post, Twitter users expressed their Schadenfreude by tweeting “learn to code” at laid off journalists and their commiserators

Barrett Wilson / Jan 28, 2019


Fight erupts between Yellow Vest and Antifa members

Another Yellow Vest protest has ended in violence after Antifa counter-protesters showed up.

Ali Taghva / Jan 28, 2019


“Toxic masculinity” in advertising: keeping women scared and men shamed

Frightening women out of their wits for no good reason and arousing shame in male viewers as both films are designed to do, serves no purpose other than to demonize men collectively.

Barbara Kay / Jan 25, 2019

Opinion, Culture

The new Rome: how vigilante internet justice destroys lives

We carry out the punishments ourselves in the form of tweets, and emails, and podcasts, and news stories, and every manner of hate-filled speech until we are drunk on our own moral superiority.

Ashley Donde / Jan 25, 2019


The Gawker reboot faltered because the entire media world has become Gawker

In a lot of ways, it feels like the entire media world has become Gawker in Gawker’s absence, as week after week, new stories emerge that are sourced by and catered to the outrage of readers.

Barrett Wilson / Jan 23, 2019


We need free speech more than ever

It is not simply about silencing a voice; it is about ensuring that no one else hears it. It’s not simply that these companies want to establish family-friendly spaces; they don’t want offensive ideas to exist.

Desi-Rae Campbell / Jan 23, 2019


The human cost of designer babies

What do you want humanity to look like, feel like, and act like? What are those things about being human that we don't want to relegate to the dust heap of history?

Joseph Fang / Jan 23, 2019

Opinion, Culture

The media lied about Catholic students “mobbing” a Native American elder

The mobbing of the Covington Catholic high school boys that dominated social media yesterday was wrong. The media reports that spurred on the mobbing were wrong.

Joseph Fang / Jan 20, 2019


Gillette has a problem with men, and now consumers have a problem with Gillette

In the last few days, the tables have been turned on Gillette, the world’s most famous name in razors

Barbara Kay / Jan 16, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Now that we are talking about toxic masculinity, we need to talk about the orange man

If the tide is going to turn, then it's time to call out one particularly problematic, big, orange monster who embodies all that is wrong with our culture for men.

Barrett Wilson / Jan 16, 2019


First Nations leadership needs to work together with both sides of pipeline debate to determine the best path forward

As a member of the Bigstone Cree Nation, I can attest to the great benefits the oil and gas industry has provided both for our nation and for different bands all across Western Canada.

Travis Gladue-Beauregard / Jan 14, 2019


Religious freedom is a pillar of free society

MPP Sam Oosterhoff discusses religious freedom and its significance to Canadian society.

Sam Oosterhoff / Dec 23, 2018

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