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Harmeet Dhillon is taking on Antifa and big tech

Harmeet Dhillon is making history by launching Publius Lex, a non-profit organization with a broad mandate: to fight in the courts for civil rights of Americans whose voices have been silenced by activists, big tech, and legacy media.

Barrett Wilson / Jul 14, 2019

Opinion, Culture

The west does not value life

Between capital punishment, abortion, assisted suicide, and forced euthanasia, we are less interested in securing the conditions for life than…

Libby Emmons / Jul 12, 2019

Opinion, Culture, Politics & Policy

Combo of social media restrictions and Liberal call for China election meddling could end Canadians’ faith in democracy

The Trudeau Liberals are playing a very dangerous game, a game that may end up not only destroying Canada’s national unity, but eviscerating faith in Canadian democracy.

Spencer Fernando / Jul 12, 2019

Opinion, Culture

We’re leftists and we disavow Antifa

As leftists who write for ideologically diverse publications, we often receive harsh criticism—or total dismissal—from others in our political circles…

Ahuja and Anna Slatz / Jul 12, 2019


Cross-cultural outreach is important for Conservatives

Liberals are often that caricature of “curry in a hurry” —showing up at the event to eat the food and take the photo, but failing to act on the concerns that they hear.

Garnett Genuis / Jul 9, 2019

Opinion, American News, Culture

Michelle Carter told her boyfriend to kill himself, so he did—now she wants to be a free-speech hero

If inducing a panic is a well-established instance where the First Amendment doesn’t apply, then surely telling your boyfriend to get back into his truck and let carbon monoxide fill his lungs until he is dead should also not fall under the banner of free speech.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson / Jul 9, 2019

Canadian News, Culture

Feminist trolls call air conditioning "sexist"

Another great discovery that came along with the air conditioner was how to efficiently counteract the new technology’s results. This is typically called “layering up” or simply “putting on layers.”

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Jul 8, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Our culture is lost in a supermarket

The newest trend on social media for young people appears to be testing or spoiling products in supermarkets.

Barrett Wilson / Jul 8, 2019

Opinion, American News, Culture

Progressive writer gives friend a MAGA hat ultimatum—friend wisely chooses hat

Zack Ford, writer for Think Progress and wokeist extraordinaire, thinks so much of his friendship that he gave one of his old friends an ultimatum: his friendship, or his friend’s MAGA hat.

Libby Emmons / Jul 7, 2019

Canadian News, Opinion, American News, Culture

Brave female rapper takes stand against segregated ticket prices

Tiny Jag’s stance is a brave one, in an era when Black Americans who oppose the demonization of white people are often demonized themselves by their Black American peers. She has already received backlash online.

Celine Ryan / Jul 6, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Ruining someone’s life is not an opinion

We live in the age of the virtual mob.  We no longer have to collect pitchforks, torches, and bang on…

Anna Slatz / Jul 5, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Sorry, Twitter activists, most people just aren’t racist anymore

It’s a new reality for anti-racists on Twitter, who decried the racism of all those racists who are pissed that Halle Bailey will be playing Ariel in Disney’s upcoming live action The Little Mermaid.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson / Jul 5, 2019

Opinion, Culture, Politics & Policy

Modern tribal politics strips us of our empathy

If we get offline, join forces and get loud. It’s not about Trump. It’s not about AOC. We will figure out an immigration policy another day. Right now it’s about empathy; it’s about doing what’s right; it’s about kids.

Jamie Kilstein / Jul 4, 2019

Opinion, Culture

For a Canadian, American exceptionalism will always exist

As many believe America is in crisis, such a question will indeed be asked amid celebrations and be the subject of many reflections. Are there still reasons to be patriotic? Was America ever great to begin with?

Shane Miller / Jul 4, 2019

Opinion, American News, Culture, Politics & Policy

Antifa will beat you until you believe that words are violence

In response to perceived word violence, Antifa fights back with actual violence. This is basically their whole game and it’s time for it to be called out for the thuggery it is. It’s not noble to bash journalists.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson / Jul 3, 2019

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