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AP changes headline on article that pretends Antifa militants are 'regular Americans'

The Associated Press quietly scrubbed the headline of its article defending violent Antifa militants, claiming that leftist radicals are "regular Americans."

Mia Cathell

'Struggling bar owner' in Biden ad is actually a big tech investor who inherited millions

The Blind Pig Bar, owned by Joe Malcoun, said that his bar was seeing no clients due to Trump's handling of the pandemic.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

After Toobin scandal, Buzzfeed tries to normalize workplace Zoom masturbation

Following the ZOOM DICK fiasco that trended on Twitter, Buzzfeed defended Jeffrey "Zoomin" Toobin's virtual workplace masturbation amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mia Cathell

Canada's carbon pricing is a failure, says new report

A new study from the Fraser Institute analyzes 31 OECD countries which have implemented carbon pricing regulations

Noah David Alter

FLASHBACK: Final debate moderator busted on hot mic coaching Clinton campaign director

NBC's White House correspondent Kristen Welker, set to moderate the second and final presidential debate on Thursday, was once caught on a hot mic coaching Hillary Clinton’s communications director prior to a live interview.

Mia Cathell

BREAKING: Trudeau Liberals flirt with triggering election as tories announce 'anti-corruption committee' plans

O'Toole said the committee's work would be supported by the disclosure of still-unprovided documents from the Liberal Party.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

WATCH: Ben Shapiro explains why he will vote for Trump in 2020 after not voting in 2016

Shapiro highlighted Trump's conservative record, including cuts to regulation, reduction in man-hours dedicated to dealing with regulation ...

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

CERB cheques were used by street gangs to buy illegal handguns from the US

"Dozens" of gang members used their cheques to buy illegal weapons from the United States, a source said.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Whitmer claims a vote for Biden is a vote to end COVID-19 restrictions

Whitmer said that "if you're tired of lockdowns," you've got to vote for Joe Biden.

Libby Emmons

Presidential Debate Commission changes 'foreign policy' focus of final debate after Biden corruption bombshell

The topics for that debate do not include foreign policy, either. They include: COVID-19, American families, race in America, climate change, national security, and leadership.

Libby Emmons

Wikipedia runs cover for Bidens, says claims against them were 'debunked'

Emails containing alarming details about Hunter Biden's international business dealings and influence peddling were revealed only last week, but Wikipedia has already cleared his name.

Leonardo Briceno

SNL skit about Canada falls flat — social media reacts

Some have noted the phony French accents and tropes of the Canadian broadcasters are strangely foreign to Canadians all together, even hyperbolically.

Angelo Isidorou

CBC 'comedy' account tweets 'racist' joke about Trump supporters

It remains to be seen whether the "comedy" program will keep this tweet up, or if it will quietly delete it as they have done so in the past.

Celine Ryan

NY Times turns Islamic terrorism story into a police shooting story

Friday in France, a terrorist beheaded a teacher in the street. The New York Times headline chose to focus on the fact that police shot him.

Celine Ryan

Why didn’t FBI Director Chris Wray do anything about Hunter Biden’s laptop?

Amid the latest of a wave of criticism of FBI Director Chris Wray, a scathing and pointed letter from US Senator Ron Johnson to Wray has been made public.

James Anthony