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Elon Musk met with top North American Bitcoin miners over renewable energy

They’ve agreed to form a Bitcoin Mining Council and will publish reports on their renewable energy usage.

Nick Monroe / May 24, 2021

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Bitcoin continues drop, falls 30 percent to $30,000 in single day

Bitcoin dropped to around $30,000 Wednesday morning, down more than 30 percent on the day amidst international sell-offs of the cryptocurrency that began a week ago.

Hannah Nightingale / May 19, 2021

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Colonial Pipeline hacker group extorted other companies before servers were seized

DarkSide’s operations are closed, and the hundreds of Bitcoin they collected along with it.

Nick Monroe / May 17, 2021

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Sony files patent for esports betting platform using Bitcoin

Sony has filed a patent for a platform that could potentially allow users to bet on eSports using cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin.

The Post Millennial / May 17, 2021

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North Dakota city to accept cryptocurrency for utility payments

The city of Williston, North Dakota, announced Thursday that it will begin accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a payment for utility bills.

Hannah Nightingale / May 14, 2021

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BREAKING: Elon Musk says he's working with 'Doge devs'

The update would be the first for Dogecoin since November 2019, when its developers last worked on it.

The Post Millennial / May 13, 2021

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Cardano's ADA surges while Bitcoin crashes as Elon Musk sets his sights on an environmentally sustainable cryptocurrency

Musk's statement crashed the cryptocurrency market for a few hours in the late hours of Wednesday with the exception of Cardano, a cryptocurrency touted for its sustainability.

Ian Miles Cheong / May 13, 2021

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Figuratively and literally, Musk plans to take Dogecoin to the moon

Elon Musk's SpaceX has committed, together with Geometric Energy Corporation, to use Dogecoin exclusively for transactions between the two companies in an upcoming moon mission.

James Anthony / May 9, 2021

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Dogecoin TANKS after Musk calls it a 'hustle' on SNL

On Saturday night after Musk's appearance on SNL, Musk appeared on a skit where they were talking about, and making fun of, the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. This caused prices of Dogecoin to drop precipitously.

James Anthony / May 9, 2021

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Ethereum reaches new all-time high, surging as Bitcoin struggles

The cryptocurrency Ethereum reached a new all-time high of $2,800 on Thursday, surpassing its previous all-time high on Wednesday. The cryptocurrency’s rise effectively decouples it from Bitcoin, which sunk down 7%.

Ian Miles Cheong / Apr 30, 2021

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Signal to add crypto-based payment support with MobileCoin

One of the world’s most popular encrypted messaging app Signal announced Tuesday that it will be adding privacy preserving cryptocurrency payment features to the app.

Hannah Nightingale / Apr 6, 2021

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Microsoft patents technology which uses human brainwaves to mine Bitcoin

The patent serves as an alternative to traditional Bitcoin mining operations

Noah David Alter / Apr 2, 2021

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Oakland A's sell luxury suite for 1 Bitcoin, becoming the first team in MLB to sell tickets for Cryptocurrency

The Oakland A’s have sold their first luxury suite for 2021 for one bitcoin, one day before the teams Opening Day deadline for the offer, becoming the first team in Major League Baseball to sell tickets for cryptocurrency.

Ari Hoffman / Apr 1, 2021

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Canadian tech firm invests in dedicated Dogecoin mining facility

Dogecoin may have seen its all-time-high when Tesla billionaire Elon Musk promoted the cryptocurrency last month only to decline to its current level of 5 cents, but it’s not out of the running yet as it continues to find new adopters.

Ian Miles Cheong / Mar 11, 2021

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