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Columbia's Gaza Camp organizers SJP funded by Hamas-linked non-profits: report

05/01/2024 01:38 PM
"It is clear that individuals who previously worked for Hamas-linked charities are now a driving force behind AMP and hence NSJP/SJP." Read More

Students bring class action suit against Chicago Public Schools, say they were forced to participate in Hindu ritual

04/29/2024 01:00 PM
Hudgins said that kneeling before Guru Dev "made me feel guilty and sinful because Muslims are not to worship men.” Read More

Non-binary library worker charged with 7 felony counts of child sex crimes

04/28/2024 03:58 PM
Steven Krage, 32, of Addison, has been accused of uploading child sex abuse material on Discord and X, formerly known as Twitter, and possessing the content on his devices. Read More

Ohio scammer who staged heist that resulted in killing of woman Uber driver impersonated officer when questioned by police

04/21/2024 01:21 PM
William Brock, 81, allegedly shot and killed Uber driver Loletha Hall, 61, after mistaking her for a scammer, authorities said. Read More

Chicago cop killed in carjacking while off-duty near his home

04/21/2024 12:19 PM
“He was just a great officer, great human being." Read More

Former Philly cop pleads guilty to murder in shooting death of 12-year-old boy

04/20/2024 05:46 PM
The officer knew the boy was unarmed and had "no ability to harm him." Read More

Black Chicago citizens blast Dem mayor for funneling another $70 MILLION to illegal immigrants, asks Trump to 'please come see us in Chicago'

04/19/2024 05:23 PM
"We need it. We got people leaning. We got people rocking. We got overdosing. We got pass out lines. You live on the west side of Mayor Johnson. You know exactly what I'm talking about." Read More

Judge Juan Merchan's daughter raises $100 MILLION off criminal prosecution of Donald Trump: report 

04/18/2024 11:31 AM
"This Loren Merchan, the judge’s daughter, has raised nearly $100 million for this criminal trial. She's profiting from this thing. And CNN doesn't want its viewers to hear this." Read More

NYC provides free airline tickets to illegal immigrants for travel across the US

04/18/2024 11:25 AM
"They give me ticket for free to Chicago," a Russian migrant said. "I fly tomorrow, for free!" Read More

San Francisco DA tells 'victims' trapped by Gaza protesters on Golden Gate Bridge to contact police for 'restitution'

04/18/2024 10:23 AM
They may be victims of false imprisonment and “may be entitled to restitution and have other victims’ rights.” Read More

Chuck Schumer, Democrats dismiss Mayorkas impeachment without trial

04/17/2024 04:59 PM
"We are not saying, Don’t come. We are saying, don’t come now because we will be able to deliver a safe and orderly process to them as quickly as possible." Read More

Woman sentenced to 50 years for stealing baby from woman’s womb, killing mother in Chicago

04/17/2024 04:21 PM
Clarisa Figueroa, 51, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder over the killing of Marlen Ochoa-Lopez in 2019. Read More

46 arrested after activists blockade Sea-Tac Airport, target Seattle light rail during 'Shut It Down for Gaza' protest

04/16/2024 12:23 PM
Sea-Tac officials encouraged travelers to use mass transit but Hamas-supporters had also targeted one of the light rail stations. Read More

NYPD arrests 'Shut It Down for Palestine' activists blocking Brooklyn Bridge

04/15/2024 04:57 PM
NYPD officers rushed to stop the agitators from going onto the bridge. Read More

NEW: Pro-Palestinian agitators shut down Golden Gate Bridge, police respond

04/15/2024 12:54 PM
The move was part of a coordinated campaign to disrupt the economies of major cities around the world. Read More

Pro-Palestinian agitators block traffic at Chicago O'Hare Airport to protest Boeing, US funding of war in Gaza

04/15/2024 12:33 PM
Disgruntled passengers began ditching their vehicles and making their way to the airport on foot. Read More

John Bolton calls on Israel to 'destroy' Iran's nuclear weapons, wants 'far stronger' attack on Iran

04/15/2024 11:17 AM
"This is the opportunity to destroy Iran's nuclear weapons program." Read More

8-year-old Chicago girl killed, 7 injured in South Side shooting

04/14/2024 02:51 PM
Police say the shooting was not a random act of violence and was likely gang-related. Read More

1-year-old boy stabbed, injured in Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square

04/13/2024 06:07 PM
The child was taken to a hospital where medical staff have listed his condition as stable. Read More

Video footage reveals Dexter Reed opened fire on Chicago police first before cops killed him

04/11/2024 10:30 AM
After ignoring an officer's orders to open the car door, Reed fired a gun and struck an officer in the arm. Read More

Illinois town hires former Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot at $400 per hour to investigate scandal-plagued mayor

04/10/2024 10:01 AM
"The residents of Dolton deserve nothing less than a government that is fully accountable, responsive, transparent, and effective stewards of your precious tax dollars." Read More

‘Health experts’ warn of new bird flu threat ‘100x worse’ than Covid: report

04/05/2024 01:26 PM
“We are getting dangerously close to this virus potentially causing a pandemic." Read More

'You have disgraced this village': Residents of Illinois town demand scandal-plagued Dem mayor resign

04/03/2024 03:24 PM
"I wouldn't trust this woman if she stood on a stack of Bibles and had her tongue notarized," one resident proclaimed. Read More

Chicago health department confirms multiple cases of tuberculosis in migrant shelters

04/03/2024 03:02 PM
The Chicago Department of Public Health confirmed multiple cases of TB among migrants who recently arrived in the city. Read More

UC Berkeley-owned community farm allegedly bans white people on Saturdays

04/03/2024 11:42 AM
"UC-Berkeley thinks that racial segregation is progressive now, but it's no different than segregation of the past." Read More

NY Judge Merchan expands gag order to prevent Trump from talking about his daughter who was paid $4 MILLION by Adam Schiff to push Russia collusion

04/02/2024 12:24 PM
The daughter’s ties to these officials were the basis of Trump’s team asking Judge Merchan to recuse himself from the case. Read More

Denver begs illegal immigrants to leave town, offers free busses to Canada

04/01/2024 09:46 AM
Officials offered to bus the illegal immigrants to the Canadian border, Chicago, New York, and "wherever" in the US. Read More

Fetterman's top aides mass quit for more progressive jobs amid senator's move towards center

03/30/2024 11:05 AM
The senator recently made it abundantly clear that he is "not a progressive." Read More

St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones vows to 'hold the business owners accountable' for 'violence around convenience stores and gas stations'

03/29/2024 01:10 PM
"So how can we hold those business owners accountable and also bring down crime?" she said in a meeting for black mayors against crime. Read More

CFR DEBATE: War hawks argue Americans must fund Ukrainians to die for their freedom—Mearsheimer says war is unwinnable at any cost

03/29/2024 12:14 PM
"Ukrainians are choosing to die for their freedom. That is their choice. We have to give them the tools to fight for their freedom." Read More

22-year-old Christian Ivan Soto charged with stabbing 4 to death, injuring 7 in Illinois after attempted robbery

03/28/2024 10:54 AM
The deceased included a 15-year-old girl, a 63-year-old woman, a 22-year-old man, and a 49-year-old man. The latter was identified as the mailman. Read More

Illinois parole board members resign after releasing man who stabbed 11-year-old to death in less than 24 hours

03/27/2024 10:48 AM
Brand had been serving 16 years for home invasion and aggravated assault. Read More

Chicago vet, dog show judge charged with child porn, allegedly planned to sexually abuse child he was expecting through surrogate

03/26/2024 12:31 PM
King claimed during the chats with the agents that he had drugged and sexually abused his nieces and nephews, allegedly writing, "I generally use Benadryl." Read More

Biden's DOJ moves to drop $3.3 billion lawsuit against Dish Network after founder makes major donation to Biden campaign

03/25/2024 02:31 PM
The company was also granted $50 million shortly afterwards by the Biden administration.   Read More

Chicago Board of Elections finds 10,000 missing ballots in Dem DA primary race after 'tabulation' error

03/25/2024 10:23 AM
"I made an error that should have been included in the 'received by Election Day' numbers," Bever added. Read More

Biden announces new EPA plan to force EV mandates on American auto manufacturers

03/21/2024 10:29 AM
A record 1.2 million electric cars were sold in 2023, but this number represented just 7.6 percent of cars sold overall in the country. Read More

Federal judge rules illegal immigrants can possess firearms under 2A

03/19/2024 03:48 PM
Coleman previously denied Carbajal-Flores’ motion to dismiss his indictment in April 2022, finding that the ban was constitutional. He later asked the court to reconsider after the Bruen decision by the Supreme Court. Read More

Suspect in shooting of Chicago trans woman is illegal immigrant with ties to Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua

03/19/2024 12:05 PM
The man allegedly shouted "bad gay" before pulling the trigger. Read More

Democrat-run Chicago begins evicting illegal immigrants from housing shelters

03/18/2024 12:34 PM
The move comes after the city has received 37,000 illegal immigrant arrivals since August 2022. Read More

New York Assembly candidate slams AOC over prostitution, crime in her NYC district

03/17/2024 04:27 PM
"I have lived here my whole life, I've seen the changes go from good, too bad to worse, and it's at that peak of worse right now, and I don’t want it to go past that." Read More

Biden admin tackles tough problem of McDonald's ice cream machine repairs

03/16/2024 03:50 PM
The Biden administration is set to crack down on why McDonald's ice cream machines are always broken. Read More

Biden admin deports only 834 of 335,000 Venezuelans after illegal border crossings

03/13/2024 06:50 PM
Illegal immigrants from Venezuela have been responsible for numerous violent incidents that have shocked the country. Read More

Brother of Laken Riley murder suspect likely a Venezuelan gang member: court docs

03/07/2024 09:28 AM
Diego Ibarra has distinctive tattoos associated with the Tren de Aragua gang, including a five-pointed crown, five-pointed stars, and a teardrop. Read More

Woke former Methodist official caught drawing swastika on Jewish woman's groceries in LA

03/04/2024 02:59 PM
Grossman said it occurred not long after Nakagawa called her a fascist at a homeowner’s association meeting for hanging an Israeli flag from her balcony. Read More

BREAKING: Judge orders President Trump removed from ballot in Illinois

02/28/2024 07:50 PM
The decision comes just before the state's primary election on March 19. Read More

Eric Adams demands New York walk back 'sanctuary city' status so criminals can be deported

02/28/2024 10:14 AM
"If you commit a felony, a violent act, we should be able to turn you over to ICE and have you deported," Adams said. Read More

Special prosecutor urges Illinois Supreme Court to reject Jussie Smollett’s appeal

02/27/2024 09:42 AM
Smollett claimed he had previously struck a deal with the Cook County State's Attorney's Office where he could do community service and the prosecution would drop the charges. Webb said this deal was "imaginary." Read More

Hampton Bath and Body Works employee FIRED after being pepper-sprayed while trying to stop thieves

02/25/2024 08:05 PM
"I said you are on camera, and she said I don’t give a sh*t." Read More

Venezuela refuses to accept illegal immigrant criminals deported by US

02/25/2024 03:59 PM
The decision comes as Venezuelan illegal immigrants have been involved in a violent crime wave across the US. Read More

Black Lives Matter claims it's 'slightly racist' to like Taylor Swift

02/24/2024 11:58 AM
"Why do I feel like it’s slightly racist to be a Taylor Swift fan?" Read More

BREAKING: 4 illegal immigrants charged with strangling man on Chicago train

02/19/2024 02:05 PM
The four were identified as Fernando Loyo-Rodriguez, 22, Wilker Gutierrez Sierra, 21, Carlos Carreno-Carreno, 20, and 18-year-old Yonnier Guasamucare Garcia.  Read More

Truckers for Trump say they will 'shut down NYC' after $354 million verdict in civil case—Trump calls them 'great patriots'

02/19/2024 01:19 PM
"Such an honor to have so many Great Patriots on the side of FREEDOM!"  Read More

Truck driver says other truckers will stop accepting loads from NYC after Trump verdict

02/17/2024 03:07 PM
"Our bosses aren't going to care if we deny the loads, we'll just go somewhere else." Read More

Virginia Senate passes bill to give Medicaid-style health insurance to illegal immigrants

02/14/2024 10:54 PM
The bill still has to pass the House of Delegates before it lands on Governor Glenn Youngkin's desk. Read More

Dem Chicago mayor invests $17 million in 'black and brown' businesses to make meals for illegal immigrants

02/13/2024 10:10 AM
"The $17 million investment for these 18 black and brown small businesses... really captures what I call the 'soul of Chicago'."  Read More

Seattle closes light rail stop due to anti Israel protest

02/11/2024 01:08 PM
Last month the agency closed a different station in advance of an anti-Israel protest. Read More

Pro-BLM former Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby found guilty of mortgage fraud

02/07/2024 04:21 PM
The verdict comes around three months after another federal jury convicted Mosby of perjury in November. Read More

Washington State revealed to be the most affected by retail crime in the US: study

02/07/2024 11:45 AM
Pennsylvania had the highest average total value of stolen goods per capita. Read More

Chicago man arrested after allegedly forcing abducted women into prostitution

02/02/2024 01:13 PM
Kenneth Allen, 34, was taken into custody on Tuesday and subsequently charged with Class X human trafficking and aggravated unlawful restraint.  Read More

Detroit father on life support, arm amputated after being mauled by 3 dogs

02/01/2024 03:01 PM
These dogs were involved in three prior biting incidents, including one involving a small child. Read More

FLASHBACK: Trump predicted disaster of sanctuary cities in 2019

01/31/2024 07:00 PM
"They say, 'We have open arms.' They're always saying they have open arms. Let's see if they have open arms." Read More

Harvard study claims climate change has negative effects on mental health

01/28/2024 06:48 PM
Researchers used participant testimonials to determine "how people are struggling with worries about their future..." Read More

Palestinian 'activist' who killed wife and 3 daughters said shooting was over family finances: Illinois prosecutors

01/25/2024 12:56 PM
Kassem was heard saying, "I worked all my life to give my family a better home, and they treat me like [expletive]." Read More

JUST IN: Greg Abbott declares 'invasion' over border crisis, invokes right to 'self-defense'

01/24/2024 02:47 PM
"The failure of the Biden administration to fulfill the duties imposed by Article IV section 4 has triggered Article 1, section 10, Clause 3, which reserves to this State the right of self-defense." Read More

Palestinian Muslim 'activist' charged with murder of wife, 3 daughters in Chicago suburb

01/22/2024 05:27 PM
The family was described as "devout Muslims and Palestinian activists" by friends. Read More

UChicago clinic offers very late term abortions, later than even Planned Parenthood

01/22/2024 10:28 AM
The Ryan Center has been offering abortions at least up to 23 weeks while Planned Parenthood Illinois offers only up to 21 weeks and 6 days. Read More

Chicago mayor treated at hospital for panic attacks amid illegal immigrant crisis, reporter claims

01/20/2024 08:38 PM
"Two sources told me that he has been in the hospital for these panic attacks. And he is stressed out because this is a big, big job for him." Read More

Ford slashes production on EV F-150s amid low consumer demand

01/19/2024 01:06 PM
Ford Motors has laid off more than 4,000 employees since it directed focus on EVs.  Read More

Captured Illinois assault and child endangering suspect references BLM-inspired law, said he'd 'get out soon'

01/17/2024 05:45 PM
Shortly after being taken into custody and allegedly claiming he'd be out soon, he was, in fact, released. Read More

EV charging stations in Chicago turn into 'car graveyards' amid frigid temps

01/16/2024 12:16 PM
"We got a bunch of dead robots out here.” Read More

Toronto-area school board promotes racially segregated programs

01/14/2024 01:27 PM
"Parents/guardians of African, Black, and Afro-Caribbean students are invited to attend an upcoming information session..." Read More

Illinois governor begs Texas to stop sending illegal immigrants to Chicago

01/13/2024 01:25 PM
"Your callousness, sending buses and planes full of migrants in this weather, is now life-threatening to every one of the arrivals." Read More

United flight makes emergency landing only minutes after takeoff due to 'open door' light

01/11/2024 11:48 AM
Chicago-bound Flight 2434 left Sarasota, Florida at 3:42 pm, and made an emergency landing in Tampa Bay. Read More

Looters shoot, injure Chicago cop during smash and grab robbery

01/09/2024 03:36 PM
The 55-year-old officer, whose identity has not been made public, has since been released from the hospital. Read More

Chicago mayor claims Greg Abbott’s bussing of illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities is an attack on 'leaders of color'

01/09/2024 02:06 PM
"He is attacking democratically-run cities, and particularly cities that are being led by black leaders or leaders of color." Read More

Number of African illegal immigrants to US skyrockets as Europe clamps down

01/05/2024 04:49 PM
Illegal immigration from Africa in 2023 was four times that of 2022. Read More

WATCH: Vivek Ramaswamy destroys WaPo reporter after she asks him to 'condemn white supremacy'

01/03/2024 06:59 PM
Ramaswamy slammed the media for "dividing this country to a breaking point" by "creating a projection of national division." Read More

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Chicago makeup artist behind false viral claims that McDonald’s blue wrapper paper is Israeli propaganda

01/03/2024 05:38 PM
A video that keeps going viral shows a woman confronting McDonald’s staff about a wrapper she says is pro-Israel subliminal propaganda. But what’s the story behind the video? Read More

Bus companies carrying illegal immigrants drop them off at New Jersey transit hubs to avoid NYC demand for prior notification

01/02/2024 01:37 PM
Instead of bussing migrants directly into the Big Apple, companies have begun dropping them off at transit hubs in New Jersey, where they then simply hop on the train across the Hudson. Read More

Portland woman arrested in Chicago for hate crime after swastikas found on Jewish school

01/01/2024 10:49 AM
Mariana Noel Lynch, 30, was arrested on six felonies and four misdemeanor charges. Read More

Brandon Johnson lashes out at Texas for sending more illegal immigrants to Chicago

12/31/2023 04:49 PM
"The governor of Texas, Governor Abbott, is determined to continue to sow seeds of chaos." Read More

MTG slams Gavin Newsom for giving illegal immigrants full, taxpayer-funded health coverage

12/30/2023 04:40 PM
"California is going to give illegals free healthcare, but nothing is free..." Read More

Chicago mayor adds $500,000 to 'restoration and reparations' budget to address 'cycle of violence,' open mental health clinics

12/30/2023 12:12 PM
"In order for us to build a better, stronger, safer Chicago, it requires investments." Read More

December beats record for most illegal immigrant crossings of US-Mexico border of all time

12/29/2023 01:48 PM
"We are now at over 760,000 migrant encounters since October 1st." Read More

Eric Adams to prosecute bus companies that drop illegal immigrants off in New York without advance notice

12/28/2023 01:48 PM
"To be clear, this is not stopping people from coming, but about ensuring the safety of migrants and making sure they can arrive in a coordinated and orderly way." Read More

Illinois NAACP president calls illegal immigrants 'savages,' is suspended from position

12/28/2023 01:16 PM
"These immigrants have come over here; they're raping people, they've been breaking into homes, they're like savages as well," she said. Read More

Iowa university cancels Trump campaign event after event featuring Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy

12/28/2023 12:49 PM
Trump had previously campaigned at Dordt ahead of the 2016 election, with the event drawing a large crowd of both supporters and opponents to the campus. Read More

Trump blasts Biden for 'out of control' border, being 'extorted' by Mexico over massive migrant surge

12/28/2023 09:21 AM
"Our border is out of control like no border in history." Read More

Ayanna Pressley encourages people to celebrate abortion for Christmas

12/25/2023 12:05 PM
"Support your local abortion fund this holiday season" posted the squad member. Read More

Record number of migrants are applying for New York City ID cards, over 112,000 approvals in 2023

12/24/2023 07:01 PM
People can get access to IDNYC cards regardless of immigration status, whether that be entering the United States legally or illegally. Read More

Police investigate security guard who fired shots in attempt to prevent DC Chanel store from being looted

12/21/2023 05:16 PM
Investigators are trying to determine if the security guard's actions were justified. Read More

US homelessness jumps 12% in 2023 to record high of 653,000 individuals

12/21/2023 12:23 PM
Contributing factors were the drug crisis, the surge in illegal immigrants, rising housing costs, and expiring COVID aid. Read More

Border county of El Paso sues Texas over new law making illegal immigration an arrestable offense in the state

12/20/2023 05:03 PM
Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed SB 4 into law on Monday, legislation which the plaintiffs called "patently illegal." Read More

Democrat mayor demands Texas stop busing illegal immigrants to Chicago after 5-year-old boy dies in temporary shelter

12/19/2023 11:11 AM
"The governor of Texas needs to take a look in the mirror of the chaos he is causing for this country. This is not just a Chicago dynamic, he is attacking our country." Read More

Bridges blocked by agitators in Oregon, Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, Minnesota and Georgia to protest Israel's fight against terror group Hamas

12/15/2023 10:39 AM
Various activist groups including the Democratic Socialists of America blocked 8 bridges across the US for the 8th night of Hannukah Thursday evening. Read More

Trans cyclist steals win from female competitors in Women's Singlespeed at USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships

12/13/2023 02:44 PM
Small took 44th place in the CX Male Senior 18-22 category last cycling season. Read More

No whites allowed at Boston mayor's Christmas party for 'electeds of color' only

12/13/2023 10:55 AM
"It’s completely natural for elected officials of color to gather for a holiday celebration." Read More

Illinois governor shutters $65 million migrant camp in Chicago after Biden's EPA complains of 'cancer-causing' agents

12/09/2023 06:06 PM
While "the City might be comfortable placing asylum seekers on a site where toxins are present ... the State is not." Read More

Greg Abbott promises to keep busing illegal immigrants to New York, Chicago, declares he will defend Texas' sovereignty

12/09/2023 11:45 AM
Texas has bussed tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities thus far. Read More

Biden removes Muslim advocacy non-profit from working group on national antisemitism strategy after director says Oct 7 made him ‘happy’

12/08/2023 02:09 PM
"And yes, I was happy to see people breaking the siege and throwing down the shackles of their own land and walk free into their land that they were not allowed to walk in." Read More

BREAKING: Suspect in Arlington home explosion presumed dead after human remains found on site

12/05/2023 04:08 PM
"Human remains have been located at the scene." Read More

Riley Gaines vows to compensate women athletes who lose prize money after refusing to play against trans athletes

12/05/2023 02:42 PM
"Any woman who doesn't compete and loses out on prize money, I will happily pay the fee out of my own pocket. In any sport." Read More

Two trans cyclists dominate Chicago women's race

12/05/2023 02:00 PM
The only biological female on the podium was Kristin Chalmers, who placed third. Read More

Arlington home explodes after suspect sets off flares as police serve search warrant

12/05/2023 10:51 AM
The fate of the suspect, who is believed to have been in the home at the time, has not been revealed. Read More

Woke outlet says Elon Musk ignited 'hate storm against black reporter' who falsely accused 9-year-old child of blackface

12/04/2023 04:15 PM
The Root defended Phillips, stating that the photo of the child was used "to make a broader point about racism within the NFL." Read More

Venezuelan illegal immigrants busted, charged with shoplifting in Chicago

12/04/2023 09:30 AM
The Oak Brook Macy’s location has been an ongoing target of retail theft by illegal immigrants. Read More

Chicago residents fight back as city builds new housing for illegal immigrants

12/01/2023 01:55 PM
"Nobody was really told this was going to happen, they basically said, 'we’re going to do this, shut up,' " community member Michael Patlan said. Read More

BREAKING: Jussie Smollett headed back to jail after conviction for hoax attack upheld on appeal

12/01/2023 01:10 PM
Smollett was convicted in 2021 and spent just 6 days in Cook County jail before being released while appealing the conviction. Read More

Four women cops unable to subdue one male offender on Chicago street

11/28/2023 03:57 PM
"If we can't contain him and it's just a retail theft, let him go," dispatch told the officers. Read More

Alex Soros Community Noted over false claim that murder rates are not higher in 'progressive cities'

11/28/2023 11:08 AM
St. Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans, Detroit, and Cleveland all top the list for high murder rates. Read More

30 shot in Chicago over Thanksgiving weekend

11/27/2023 03:40 PM
Numerous victims ended up in critical condition, with one pronounced dead. Read More

Chicago-area high school provides segregated classes for black and Hispanic students

11/27/2023 12:02 PM
At issue for those who advocate for segregated education is the well-being of black students who have been "expected to conform to a white standard." Read More

San Diego airport overrun after over 300 migrants move in

11/26/2023 04:25 PM
"Last week, I counted 308 people sleeping over." Read More

Stacey Abrams’ brother-in-law arrested for human trafficking of 16-year-old girl in Florida

11/18/2023 01:02 PM
"The two got involved in a verbal altercation that escalated to a physical dispute..." Read More

American IT multimillionaire, wife fund pro-Palestinian groups staging violent protests: report

11/16/2023 06:37 PM
"The Chinese Communist Party uses tools like Confucius Institutes on college campuses, TikTok’s addictive algorithm, and organizations like those that Mr. Singham funds to divide and weaken America." Read More

BREAKING: Baste Records drops new Hi-Rez track ‘Triggered’ in support of the Second Amendment

11/10/2023 02:25 PM
"You okay with the guns in the movies and music not those exercising their rights you do not care when black children get shot in Chicago but mad when the cop is just white." Read More

Christian student wins case against Chicago school that allegedly forced her to participate in Hindu rituals

11/10/2023 01:43 PM
Mariyah Green was awarded $150,000 on October 23, however the school district maintained that they did not in any way violate her "sincerely held religious beliefs." Read More

Jill Stein launches 2024 presidential bid as Green Party candidate

11/09/2023 01:48 PM
Stein says both Democrats and Republicans are a "danger to democracy." Read More

Cory Booker shouted down by anti-Israel protesters during New Jersey speech

11/06/2023 02:36 PM
Booker's event audio system blasted the song "We Are Family" as protestors continued to chant. Read More

Biden declines meeting with Dem mayors demanding action on border crisis

11/03/2023 03:39 PM
The mayors asked for $5 billion to "cover the expenditures our cities have already incurred and to continue serving the growing number of people arriving in our communities." Read More

Black Hebrew Israelites brawl in the streets with anti-Israel activists during Chicago protest

10/30/2023 05:34 PM
The two groups threw punches, beat each other with sticks, threw projectiles, and launched fireworks at each other. Read More

MUST WATCH: TPUSA staffer attacked by pro-Hamas supporters in Illinois while escorting elderly Jewish couple through crowd

10/24/2023 01:39 PM
"All of these thugs need to be arrested and charged with hate crimes," Charlie Kirk said. Read More

American Jews arm themselves after increasing anti-Israel demonstrations in the US

10/24/2023 10:53 AM
"These are mothers, teachers, the majority of them are mostly people who have never interacted with firearms or thought about owning them." Read More

Coca-Cola quietly deletes mentions of BLM from company website

10/23/2023 05:54 PM
"For every corporate donor who sent millions to BLM ... do you regret supporting such a virulently antisemitic organization?" Cruz said on his podcast. Read More

EXCLUSIVE: UC prof equates Hamas to George Floyd, says progressives must 'stab' Israel 'in the heart'

10/22/2023 04:06 PM
"Don't cut off each of the tentacles, stab it in the heart. Then that takes out all of the tentacles," Ware said Read More

Texas lines New Mexico border with razor wire

10/22/2023 03:31 PM
The move comes as illegal immigrants flood through the US-Mexico border in record-breaking numbers. Read More

Illinois lawyer fired from comptroller's office after antisemitic tirade

10/22/2023 01:22 PM
"Hitler should have eradicated all of you," Chowdhury wrote in one message. Read More

Biden admin fears 10 Americans are still being held hostage by Hamas

10/21/2023 12:58 PM
"Some of them are being held hostage by Hamas along with an estimated 200 other hostages held in Gaza." Read More

Trans UC Davis professor threatens 'Zionist journalists' & their children, says 'they should fear us'

10/19/2023 01:05 PM
Jemma Decristo, a far-left trans assistant professor of American Studies at UC Davis, threatened "Zionist journalists" and their children in a cryptic post. Read More

MUST WATCH: Hamas leader says 'the same type of racism that killed George Floyd is being used by Israel against the Palestinians'

10/18/2023 04:56 PM
"I want to take this opportunity to remember the racist murder of George Floyd." Read More

Trans prof at Chicago university says Israelis are 'savages' in unhinged rant

10/18/2023 03:45 PM
"Israelis are pigs. Savages. Very very bad people. Irredeemable excrement," he said. Read More

Illinois landlord charged with hate crime after allegedly stabbing Muslim 6-year-old to death, wounding mother

10/16/2023 10:26 AM
"This horrific act of hate has no place in America," President Biden said. Read More

BREAKING: Joe Biden pays tribute to BLM hero George Floyd on his 50th birthday

10/14/2023 05:17 PM
BLM has recently come under fire for being so pro-Hamas and anti-Israel as to be antisemitic. Read More

Trans cyclists win FIRST and SECOND place in women's bicycle race—female comes in third

10/13/2023 10:16 AM
Johnson and Williamson were able to complete a full fifth lap over Zmuda, the only biological female on the podium. Read More

FLASHBACK: BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors called for eradication of Israel

10/12/2023 04:12 PM
"If we don't step up boldly and courageously to end the imperialist project that's called 'Israel' we're doomed." Read More

Los Angeles BLM organizer unapologetically backs terror group Hamas

10/12/2023 03:35 PM
"Violence begets violence. The cycle will continue & the vengeance will only grow deeper. " Read More

BLM Chicago DELETES infamous pro-Hamas post

10/11/2023 12:23 PM
BLM Chicago maintained that it was on the side of the Palestinians, and that Israel was to blame. Read More

Billboard truck advertises sanctuary cities to illegal immigrants crossing Eagle Pass border into US

10/04/2023 06:23 PM
San Francisco is toted as having "lax shoplifting laws" by the fliers. Photos: Columbia Bugle Read More

Chicago's iconic Signature Room restaurant abruptly shuts down amid 'safety issues,' rising crime

10/02/2023 12:27 PM
"We have been faced with severe economic hardship and the challenges have been greater than anticipated."  Read More

Chicago judge releases repeat offender accused of shooting dog after end of cash bail statewide

10/02/2023 12:05 PM
Cook County Judge Mary Marubio released Darrick Bender, 19, after prosecutors requested for him to remain behind bars until his trial. Read More

Chicago Democrat leader says ‘white liberals’ don’t care about city’s ‘racist’ soft-on-crime policies

10/01/2023 06:01 PM
"Innocent people are being hunted down like prey in the city of Chicago." Read More

Seattle’s King County on track to set new homicide record in 2023

09/26/2023 03:24 PM
"...anybody that voted for defunding needs, and that's running for re-election, the community that votes need to really take a hard look at what the defunding movement did to Seattle." Read More

Car thieves kill 86-year-old Chicago man, make off with vehicle in broad daylight

09/24/2023 04:33 PM
More than 432 people have been killed in Chicago this year alone. Read More

Cash bail is out in Illinois starting Monday

09/18/2023 12:24 PM
The bill states that "All defendants shall be presumed eligible for pretrial release." Read More

Chicago considers creation of government operated grocery store

09/17/2023 07:50 PM
The promotion of "food equity" was an expressed goal in the mayor's press release. Read More

Biden admin releases hundreds of illegal immigrants into San Diego

09/15/2023 03:40 PM
These illegal immigrants had made their way into the US from countries across the world including Pakistan and China. Read More

LA mayor 'fearful' Texas will send planes of illegal immigrants to 'sanctuary city'

09/15/2023 10:26 AM
"I am fearful that any day, planes could start coming," she said. Read More

Jussie Smollett asks judge to overturn hate hoax conviction

09/14/2023 02:47 PM
"This case will set a dangerous precedent by giving prosecutors a second bite at the apple any time there is dissatisfaction with another prosecutor's exercise of discretion," the appeal says. Read More

BREAKING: Federal judge blocks New Mexico governor's firearm carry ban

09/13/2023 05:33 PM
"They just want the right to carry their guns," he said. Read More

Guatemalan nationals convicted on human trafficking charges after luring minor girls to work in homes, hotels

09/11/2023 03:23 PM
"The defendants isolated the victims ... and subjected them to physical, verbal and psychological abuse." Read More

Communists burn US flags outside Jason Aldean concert in Chicago

09/11/2023 12:38 PM
"We will try that in a small town, we will try that in a big city, and we will try it right in front of your face!" Read More

Chicago houses illegal immigrants at O'Hare Airport, spends $51 million on aid, shelters

09/11/2023 09:23 AM
Chicago residents have been fighting back against the crisis and demand that the city take necessary action. Read More

BREAKING: Democrat New Mexico governor SUSPENDS open and concealed carry laws for 30 days in high crime counties

09/08/2023 08:44 PM
Grisham justified her decision by declaring gun violence a public health emergency. Read More

Asian rideshare driver beaten, carjacked by three black women in Chicago's Chinatown

09/08/2023 11:51 AM
"Right now I have nothing to drive, I just stay home because I have no car." Read More

BREAKING: Larry Sinclair claims he had sex, did cocaine with Barack Obama in 1999 in explosive new Tucker Carlson interview

09/05/2023 04:05 PM
Sinclar told Carlson that he did not know who Obama was at the time of their alleged meetup. Read More

Rappers back Trump after indictments

09/04/2023 04:28 PM
Chief Keef is among the rappers who now pledge support to Donald Trump. Read More

200 homeless squatters invade downtown Casper, Wyoming, trash abandoned Econo Lodge

09/04/2023 10:36 AM
"It's third-world country stuff," Casper Mayor Bruce Knell said. Read More

Seattle on track to break all-time-high after city tops 50 murders in 2023

09/04/2023 09:42 AM
“They no longer fear the police because they understand that the police are literally handcuffed for being able to effectively do our jobs." Read More

Giant Food to remove health and beauty products from DC stores amid rampant theft

09/02/2023 07:43 PM
"We want to continue to be able to serve the community." Read More

Hyde Park residents in Chicago demand illegal immigrants be sent back to Venezuela

09/01/2023 04:12 PM
Despite community pushback, the illegal immigrants are expected to move into the hotel as soon as Friday. Read More

Univision news crew gets robbed at gunpoint in Chicago while reporting on spike in robberies

08/29/2023 07:11 PM
You "never think that you can become the story." Read More

BREAKING: 2 fans shot in stadium during Chicago White Sox Game

08/26/2023 10:25 AM
Two women were shot, one to the leg and the other on her abdomen. Read More

BREAKING: Vivek stands up against establishment Republicans during RNC debate, vows to support Trump, end funding for Ukraine war

08/23/2023 10:57 PM
"We cannot set a precedent where the party in power uses police force to indict its political opponents." Read More

Secret Service arrests Chicago public school history teacher, 41, who threatened to kill Trump, Barron—NO predawn raid

08/22/2023 10:11 AM
"I will state that I will shoot Donald Trump Sr. AND Barron Trump straight in the face at any opportunity I get!" Read More

Ford CEO hit with 'reality check' when trying to charge EV truck on US road trip

08/19/2023 04:48 PM
Recharging his car took too long and was a "really good reality check." Read More

Chicago gangs asked not to shoot guns during daytime

08/19/2023 08:35 AM
"We have to start somewhere." Read More

30 MILLION Americans say violence is justified to keep Trump from power: UChicago study

08/14/2023 06:09 PM
A UChicago professor said "the public is more radicalized," and that "it’s really quite significant." Read More

AI used to monitor 911 calls to alert operators when they may be overly traumatized

08/10/2023 01:04 PM
"We want the artificial intelligence to be able to tag any calls that we think might be jeopardizing the mental health of a telecommunicator." Read More

Student backlash leads Thomas Jefferson University president to resign after liking tweets from Alex Berenson, Donald Trump Jr

08/08/2023 11:34 AM
“Please be assured this will be a learning experience, and I will grow as a person and professional from this misstep.”  Read More

Chicago Mayor claims it's 'not appropriate' to call 'large gatherings' of teens 'mobs'

08/04/2023 10:24 AM
"No, that's not appropriate, we are not talking about mob actions." Read More

University of Chicago offers course in 'Queering God'

08/03/2023 08:31 AM
“Can God be an ally in queer worldmaking? Is God queer? What does queerness have to do with Judaism, Christianity, or Islam?" Read More

Illinois moves to allow non-US citizens to serve as police officers

08/01/2023 09:02 AM
Federal law prohibits non-US citizens from serving as police officers and deputies. Read More

Chicago moves to jack up property taxes to pay for homeless shelters

07/31/2023 01:44 PM
Opponents suggested it would further dissuade potential buyers in a real estate market that is already struggling. Read More

Seattle homicides up 7% in first half of 2023

07/25/2023 01:53 PM
Homicides in the Emerald City rose by 7 percent in the first half of 2023, a percent change greater than that of New York at 4.9 percent, even as other cities saw a decline during the same time frame. Read More

'Save the Post Office' coalition demands expansion of voting by mail

07/24/2023 08:44 PM
Among the demands of the group is for Congress to "pass legislation to make sure voting by mail remains safe, secure, and easy." Read More

BREAKING: Man found dead on Obama estate identified as Obama’s personal chef

07/24/2023 06:04 PM
Tafari Campbell was a White House chef before coming on in the personal employ of the Obamas after President Obama left office in 2017. Read More

Illegal immigrants housed in former school attack black residents in Chicago

07/21/2023 11:09 AM
"There's no way they should be able to take Woodlawn and this community under house arrest." Read More

Pramila Jayapal says she's victim of racism, sexism after being slammed for antisemitic comments

07/18/2023 11:28 AM
"It’s not right to call out progressives, but then not recognize that most of us that get called out are women, Black, brown, immigrant. You cannot, you just cannot skip over that." Read More

Pramila Jayapal claims she said 'Israel is a racist state' to appease protesters

07/17/2023 12:49 PM
"I want you to know that we have been fighting to make it clear that Israel is a racist state." Read More

Illinois to force landlords to rent to illegal immigrants

07/10/2023 05:00 PM
The passing of the bill comes as illegal immigrants flood through the US-Mexico border under the Biden administration's open-border policies. Read More

NO SCOOP FOR YOU: NYC stores lock up ice cream amid increase in shoplifting

07/10/2023 11:09 AM
"This is the age we live in now, unfortunately." Read More

EXCLUSIVE: TikTok allows Mexican cartels to post 'help wanted' ads for human smugglers

07/05/2023 11:03 AM
“99.9% of smugglers they encounter and arrest are American citizens.” Read More

Los Angeles County homeless population spikes to over 75,000

07/04/2023 03:38 PM
"...we have a crisis on our streets, and it’s getting worse.”  Read More

15-year-old girl among 3 killed, 32 shot in Chicago over weekend

07/03/2023 02:00 PM
The young teen's mother was also reportedly killed at the home. Read More

Woke Indiana Jones sequel likely to play to near empty theaters on opening weekend after low pre-sales: report

06/29/2023 12:29 PM
"There is no excuse on God’s green Earth for a movie that cost $300 million to look this bad," one critic's review said. Read More

UPDATED: Charges against Chicago mother and 14-year-old son dropped in fatal hot dog stand shooting after new evidence comes to light

06/24/2023 01:39 PM
After Hood's son came into the store entrance, he then shot the man multiple times. Witnesses were alledgedly laughing and encouraging the incident while it was occuring.  Read More

Thief uses blowtorch to break into skin care cabinet at a NYC Walgreens

06/23/2023 01:44 PM
The thief made off with $448 worth of skin care products from the store. Read More

12 killed, more than 100 shot in Juneteenth celebrations across the US

06/20/2023 01:32 PM
The shootings ranged across multiple cities and states, including Chicago, Milwaukee, Washington, Pennsylvania, St. Louis, Baltimore, Idaho, and Southern California. Read More

BREAKING: Six youths shot after Milwaukee Juneteenth celebration

06/20/2023 01:22 AM
According to Milwaukee Police, six teens were shot, including a 17-year-old who may have been the gunman and is now in custody. Read More

One dead in mass shooting following San Diego Juneteenth dispute

06/18/2023 08:00 PM
Police are asking anyone with information to call the San Diego Police Department. Read More

Shooting at Asheville Juneteenth celebration leads to cancellation

06/18/2023 07:29 PM
A 16-year-old suspect has been arrested on charges that include two counts of felonious assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. Read More

15-year-old boy shot in chest at Akron Juneteenth celebration

06/18/2023 06:43 PM
The boy was transported to Akron Children's Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Read More

BREAKING: One dead, 28 injured in shooting at Chicago-area Juneteenth event

06/18/2023 11:32 AM
"It was supposed to be like a Juneteenth celebration; we just started hearing shooting, so we dropped down until they stopped." Read More

BREAKING: RFK Jr joins Elon Musk Twitter Space, says Feds are victimizing Americans, Ukraine can’t win war with Russia

06/05/2023 05:18 PM
According to Kennedy, there will be no peace until those involved with diplomacy put themselves in the shoes of the Russians. Read More

Black Chicagoans angry at $51 million aid package for illegal immigrants

06/04/2023 09:32 PM
"How dare this mayor and city council have the guts to give migrants $51 million." Read More

Harvard hires failed Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot for teaching gig

06/02/2023 10:53 AM
Lightfoot, the first Chicago mayor to lose re-election in 40 years, will teach a course titled “Health Policy, and Leadership.” Read More

Memorial Day staples rocked by inflation, ketchup up 27.9%

05/29/2023 05:20 PM
Ribeye steaks were up 11.6 percent from last year, with a pound of the beef product costing on average $12.57. Read More

WATCH: Ron DeSantis says that in Chicago 'you're more likely to get shot than to get a world-class education'

05/28/2023 07:10 PM
"You're more likely to get shot than to get a world-class education." Read More

8 dead, 35 shot over violent Chicago Memorial Day weekend so far

05/28/2023 02:47 PM
On Saturday night, a 14-year-old girl was shot while standing on a sidewalk. Read More

LA unions join in support of striking Hollywood writers

05/27/2023 08:06 PM
"It's going to be a hot labor summer." Read More

Black woman fired after being late to work 47 times sues Equinox for discrimination–wins MILLIONS

05/27/2023 12:47 PM
Europe believed "her lateness was merely a pretext for discrimination." Read More

Chicago-area carnival cancelled after teen street fight

05/23/2023 10:54 AM
The mob of hundreds of teens was formed to "cause chaos and disrupt the event." Read More

Rap artist 'cries in jail cell' after taunting NYPD officers saying 'he will never be caught'

05/22/2023 12:09 PM
The New York Police Department arrested Sharp on May 12 in Jamaica, Queens. Read More

Texas buses illegal immigrants to Denver amid border surge

05/19/2023 11:44 AM
"Texas' overwhelmed and overrun border communities should not have to shoulder the flood of illegal immigration due to President Biden's reckless open border policies." Read More

'BUILD-A-QUEER': Queer Trans Project sends sex change kits to kids without parental consent

05/17/2023 05:08 PM
The "build-a-queer-kits" created by the Queer Trans Project included breast binders, artificial male genitalia, tucking tape, condoms, tampons, and others. Read More

Four Chicago teens charged with murder of 24-year-old police officer

05/13/2023 02:00 PM
"These individuals were looking for victims," said Chicago Police Interim Superintendent Eric Carter. Read More

Chicago South Shore residents REJECT massive influx of illegal immigrants

05/13/2023 12:41 PM
This is an effort to destroy our neighborhoods and silence our voices even further." Read More

Two die from suicide during taxpayer-funded NIH sex change study, 11 others have suicidal ideation– GOP lawmakers demand answers

05/12/2023 01:57 PM
“It is sickening that the federal government is preying on young people and using our taxpayer dollars to advance its radical gender ideology." Read More

Teachers union pres promotes service to scrub teachers' social media history

05/11/2023 10:12 AM
"...this powerful tool that scans your social media to catch forgotten posts that may not reflect who you are today." Read More

Texas governor promises to ship 'thousands' more to sanctuary cities like NYC in wake of Title 42 ending

05/08/2023 06:19 PM
"Many thousands more will be bussed in the coming days." Read More

James Lindsay condemned by Northwestern University for bringing 'antithetical' views to campus during YAF event

05/03/2023 05:29 PM
"There's a clear dichotomy between the Woke and not-Woke students." Read More

Kentucky McDonalds in violation of child labor laws after hiring 10-year-olds to work, often until 2 am

05/03/2023 02:13 PM
The three franchisees could face up to $212,754 in civil money penalties. Read More

Suspect, 2 adults, 5 children found dead on property of Oklahoma child rapist recently released from prison

05/03/2023 12:29 AM
The bodies of five children and two adults were found on McFadden's rural property on Monday. Read More

BREAKING: Daytime TV legend Jerry Springer dead at 79

04/27/2023 10:37 AM
He peacefully passed away at his home in Chicago on Thursday. Photo credit: Libby Emmons Read More

Soros-backed Chicago prosecutor won't seek re-election, promised family she would leave after 2 terms

04/26/2023 09:55 AM
The prosecutor was heavily criticized for originally dropping charges against Jussie Smollett who was later convicted of creating an elaborate "hate crime" hoax. Read More

BREAKING: 1 dead, 1 injured after explosion at Chicago-area petroleum facility

04/25/2023 04:23 PM
The sheriff’s office said that initial reports indicate the explosion may have been from an asphalt tank. Read More

In-store ATMs dispense cards–not cash–to make purchases

04/24/2023 01:19 PM
"Cash is dirty," said one restaurant owner. Read More

Chicago teens charged with trespassing after allegedly stealing, crashing car resulting in death of 6-month-old

04/22/2023 03:57 PM
The male suspects, 17 and 14, are both facing one count of criminal trespassing charges, according to Chicago police. Read More

Suspects arrested after 32 people shot at Alabama Sweet Sixteen party

04/19/2023 04:09 PM
“We’re going to make sure every one of those victims has justice, not just the deceased,” Segrest said.  Read More

Chicago couple speaks out after violent, random attack by 'Teen Takeover' mob

04/19/2023 11:54 AM
"While DJ was getting jumped in the middle of the street, that’s when I was getting up off the ground, and I saw the cops just drive by." Read More

Chicago mayor says solution to teen rioting is to 'create spaces for youth'

04/17/2023 11:53 AM
"It is not constructive to demonize youth who have otherwise been starved of opportunities." Read More

Two teens shot, injured as rioting continues in Chicago for 3 nights straight

04/16/2023 06:39 PM
CPD reported that they had arrested 15 people near Millennium Park, nine adults and six juveniles. Read More

New far-left Chicago mayor blames city's crime problem on businesses not paying taxes

04/07/2023 06:23 PM
Johnson said, "70 percent of large corporations in the state of Illinois don't pay a corporate tax." Read More

Chicago member of the Latin Kings with Down syndrome charged in two separate murders

04/06/2023 07:08 PM
Police say he was an active member of the violent Latin Kings gang operating under the nickname "Smush." Read More

Newly elected far-left Chicago mayor says no new cops, will send social workers to some 911 calls

04/06/2023 01:13 PM
"There's a direct correlation between youth employment and violence reduction," he said. "There's a tremendous correlation between providing mental healthcare services and reducing crime." Read More

BREAKING: Woman with rifle enters Chicago Trump Tower—SWAT team on scene

04/05/2023 03:01 PM
The incident comes just one day after former President Donald Trump was arraigned on charges in New York. Read More

Chicagoans complain that Obama Center causes 'harm to black families,' gentrifies South Side

04/05/2023 02:16 PM
While the opening of the Obama Presidential Center is still years away, many residents who live nearby are already seeing the impact of their proximity to the project. Read More

Chicago elects far-left progressive Brandon Johnson as new mayor

04/05/2023 07:31 AM
Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson defeated former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas to replace outgoing Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Read More

Adult diaper-wearing fetishists complain about pedophilia accusations

04/02/2023 01:16 PM
Among the 200 AB/DL (Adult Baby and Diaper Lover) men surveyed less than five percent had any attraction to minors Read More

60 Minutes praises 'they-bies' and the parents who raise their children with no gender

03/30/2023 12:06 PM
"We didn’t assign a gender at birth," explains one mother. Read More

NHL may cancel LGBT 'Pride' nights as growing number of players refuse to wear rainbow gear

03/29/2023 01:04 AM
"This is the first time we've experienced that, and I think it's something that we're going to have to evaluate in the off-season." Read More

Nigerian brothers detail how they staged Jussie Smollett hate hoax that Joe Biden fell for

03/16/2023 04:49 PM
"What happened today to @JussieSmollett must never be tolerated in this country," wrote Joe Biden. Read More

UC Davis chancellor falsely claimed TPUSA's Charlie Kirk 'advocated for violence against transgender individuals'—then Antifa mob attacked campus during speaking event

03/15/2023 09:03 AM
After May's video repeating the false claims that Kirk was calling for "lynching," Antifa went to UC Davis to protest TPUSA, bringing violence and vandalism, on Tuesday evening. Read More

Boston BLM leader and her husband indicted on more than 20 fraud charges

03/11/2023 12:54 PM
It was 2022 when the activist pair were indicted on 18 counts in connection to alleged schemes to scam Violence in Boston, its donors, the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance, and a Chicago mortgage lending business Read More

Colin Kaepernick accuses his white, adoptive parents of being racist

03/10/2023 11:03 AM
“I know my parents loved me, but there were still very problematic things that I went through." Read More

At least 5,904 US public schools have policies to allow educators to keep students’ gender identity secret from parents

03/09/2023 04:41 PM
168 school districts that currently have “Transgender/Gender Nonconforming Policies” openly stating that district personnel can or should keep a student’s transgender status hidden from parents. Read More

Pregnant Chicago woman fatally shot, body left roadside covered in cash, after allegedly trying to rob drug dealers

03/09/2023 01:25 PM
The drug dealers "threw her body into the street" and "dumped a pile of cash" on top of her, which her boyfriend then grabbed. Read More

New Orleans residents warned 'don't sit in your car and play' as carjackings skyrocket 165%

03/07/2023 06:38 PM
"You try to park close to your house or where you’re going," Kelly, of New Orleans, warned. "You don’t sit in your car and play on your phone." Read More

Biden tells Dems to get tough on crime to own the GOP

03/04/2023 12:48 PM
"I support D.C. Statehood and home-rule – but I don't support some of the changes D.C. Council put forward over the Mayor’s objections – such as lowering penalties for carjackings," the president tweeted on Thursday. Read More

Jussie Smollett's lawyers appeal 150-day jail sentence for infamous hate crime hoax

03/02/2023 03:29 PM
Smollett served six days out of the 150-day sentence in March 2022 and was released pending his appeal. Read More

Chicago cop shot, killed while responding to domestic call

03/02/2023 09:44 AM
“This young officer, who had five years with the department, had a bright future ahead of him and this is something that no family should have to face." Read More

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blames racism, sexism for election loss

03/01/2023 02:14 PM
"I'm a black woman in America," Lightfoot said when asked if she believes she's been treated unfairly. "Of course." Read More

BREAKING: Lori Lightfoot is OUT as Chicago Mayor, Vallas and Johnson advance to runoff

02/28/2023 10:10 PM
Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson, neither of whom were able to gain more than 50 percent of the votes, will face a run off on April 4. Read More

BREAKING: Chicago mayoral election results may be delayed DAYS due to mail-in voting

02/28/2023 09:18 PM
If no candidate wins 50% or more, the election on April 4th will be necessary. Read More

Washington teacher claims schools need to keep students safe 'from their Christo-fascist parents'

02/28/2023 02:23 PM
"So many students are not safe in this nation from their Christo-fascist parents. And our guidelines and laws haven’t caught up with this." Read More

Seattle Police Department busted using AI software to 'spy' on officers

02/28/2023 02:07 PM
Seattle Police Office Guild President described the subterfuge as "the biggest egregious thing that I've seen in terms of violating trust from an employer to an employee.” Read More

DeSantis hosting donors at three-day resort ahead of likely 2024 White House run

02/23/2023 04:44 PM
The move suggests that he may be readying a campaign against former President Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican nomination. Read More

BREAKING: R Kelly sentenced to 20 more years for child sex crimes conviction

02/23/2023 01:16 PM
Kelly is already serving 30 years for a 2021 conviction on "racketeering and sex trafficking charges in a New York federal court." Read More

POLL: Only 26% of Americans want US heavily involved in Ukraine war

02/22/2023 12:45 PM
Just 19 percent of the public have a "great deal" of confidence in Biden's ability to handle the crisis. 37 percent had "some" confidence," and 43 percent had "hardly any" confidence. Read More

'Affirmation Generation' documents how easy it is for gender confused teens to access sex change drugs, surgeries

02/21/2023 02:07 PM
AFFIRMATION GENERATION exposes the dangers of the transgender medical experiment and shows the damage being done to young people by an ideologically captured healthcare system. Read More

WATCH: Trump announces 'plan to end crime and restore law and order'

02/20/2023 06:03 PM
 "Police forces have been gutted by Democrats," Trump said. "The Democrats want to take protections away from our police. We want them to do their jobs and we want them to do their jobs right," Trump said. Read More

Homeless take up residence in airports across the US

02/16/2023 10:07 AM
In most cases, mass transit and the ability to blend in with passengers were cited as the major contributing factors to the ongoing problem. Read More

Homeless camp sets up next to baggage claim at Chicago's O'Hare Airport

02/15/2023 11:52 AM
In November, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg visited O'Hare to announce the construction of new passenger terminals, but made no mention of the concerning homelessness problem inside of the airport. Read More

'Gender neutral' bathroom ruled 'more favorable to men' in UK discrimination case

02/03/2023 03:27 PM
Karen Miller was told by her employer to put a sign on the door of the men’s bathroom while she was using it, and even had to wait for the local Leceistershire council to provide a sanitary bin for the single cubicle. Read More

High profile Dem donor Tom Girardi indicted on fraud charges

02/02/2023 02:58 PM
Girardi represented a number of high-profile clients through the years and hobnobbed with many top Democrats, including Joe Biden, however that has now been overshadowed by countless allegations of embezzlement. Read More

Illinois' restrictive new gun laws struck down by court

02/01/2023 02:19 PM
The plaintiffs are "being immediately and irreparably harmed each day in which their fundamental right to bear arms is being denied." Read More

'Diversity in surgery' internship program at Chicago med school under DOE investigation after complaints of bias

01/25/2023 02:30 PM
The program is currently only open to members of certain races, and applicants are required to submit a photo of themselves. Read More

Lori Lightfoot tells Chicagoans to 'not use money' in order to prevent being victims of crime

01/20/2023 11:13 AM
The city's mayor suggested that those fearful of getting mugged or robbed should avoid using money altogether, and opt for digital transactions instead. Read More

54 mainstream media figures tied to George Soros funding

01/17/2023 07:53 PM
Among the recipients from Soros' big pockets are "reporters, anchors, columnists, editors, news executives and journalists linked to organizations like ABC, CBS, NPR, Bloomberg News, Reuters, The New York Times and a host of additional outlets." Read More

BREAKING: Project Veritas exposes education specialist BRAGGING about violating Georgia ban on CRT

01/17/2023 06:59 PM
When asked how he keeps the true contents of the curriculum under the radar, Bostic responded that he calls it "DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) work." Read More

Chicago mayor admits it was a 'mistake' to urge teachers to offer extra credit to students who campaign for her

01/15/2023 03:34 PM
"That was just simply a mistake," Mayor Lori Lightfoot said of the "inappropriately coercive" request. Read More

Kanye West secretly weds Yeezy architect Bianca Censori

01/13/2023 09:57 AM
West was previously married to Kim Kardashian. The two had four kids together; North, Chicago, Psalm, and Saint West. Read More

THE CORNHUSKER KICKBACK: How the Ricketts dynasty purchased a US Senate seat in Nebraska 

01/13/2023 08:41 AM
Ricketts gave $100,000 to Pillen's campaign in the lead-up to the May 2022 primary, and gave $1.28 million to Conservative Nebraska, a PAC in the state. His largest single donation to the PAC was $775,000 just before the primary. Read More

Trump demands DOJ raid White House after discovery of Biden's holding classified documents in his UPenn office

01/10/2023 11:20 AM
"Wow! The Biden Think Tank is funded by CHINA!!! Also, a V.P. cannot Declassify documents, which are covered by the Federal Records Act, which is Criminal and MUCH TOUGHER than the Presidential Records Act, which is NOT Criminal," Trump said. Read More

BREAKING: Classified docs from Biden’s time as VP discovered in his UPenn office

01/09/2023 07:13 PM
The materials were identified by personal attorneys for the president on November 2, just days before the midterm elections, Read More

Democrat mayors send letter to Colorado gov over bussing illegals to cities

01/09/2023 05:20 PM
"Although we share the concerns of accommodating the flood of asylum seekers, overburdening other cities is not the solution. We respectfully demand that you cease and desist sending migrants to New York City and Chicago," the letter reads. Read More

NFL legend Tony Dungy slams Scientific American’s claim that violence in football disproportionately targets black people

01/09/2023 03:51 PM
"As a black man and former NFL player I can say this article is absolutely ridiculous," Dungy tweeted on Friday. Read More

Eric Adams says 'there's no more room at the inn' after Colorado sends more illegal immigrants to New York

01/03/2023 08:26 PM
"This is just unfair for local governments to have to take on this national obligation. We've done our job. There's no more room at the inn." Read More

7 dead, 21 injured in bloody Chicago weekend to end 2022

01/02/2023 06:41 PM
The total of 695 homicides is down from 804 murders in Chicago in 2021. Read More

'Climate impact' labels on fast food items deter people from ordering beef: study

12/31/2022 09:00 AM
Participants who were exposed to a red "high-climate impact label" next to the beef dishes were nearly a quarter less likely to order them compared to a control group where no such label was present. Read More

Greg Abbott builds shipping container wall along Texas border to stop illegal immigrants

12/29/2022 03:37 PM
"Texas is adding shipping containers to the US-Mexico border in El Paso. This is in addition to the razor wire and National Guard. Together, the strategies are causing illegal immigration at that location to plummet." Read More

2023 fiscal year sees Biden’s border crisis surge to historic levels

12/29/2022 03:24 PM
The El Paso and Del Rio sectors along the Texas border are seeing the highest share of these crossings, reporting 159,186 and 137,836, respectively. Read More

Obamacare subsidies plus unemployment payouts ensure beneficiaries over $100,000 in blue states: study

12/24/2022 10:00 AM
Through the Inflation Reduction Act, President Joe Biden’s administration and the Democrats extended subsidies from the American Rescue Plan until 2025.  Read More

STUDY: Young adults in Chicago and Philadelphia now at higher risk of death from gun violence than US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in battle

12/23/2022 12:17 PM
Military-aged men living in "Chicago's most dangerous zip code faced a risk of firearm-related death over 3x the risk of combat death in Afghanistan, and nearly 4x the risks of Iraq." Read More

Zelensky to tell Biden, Congress current funding for war effort not good enough

12/21/2022 10:40 AM
The meetings come as the House prepares to vote on the next, and largest, cash fund for Ukraine yet — $45 billion. Read More

Chicago private school backs dean who taught students about 'queer sex' after Project Veritas expose

12/08/2022 03:03 PM
"This group has now edited this video with malicious intent and launched it publicly tonight. Please know this video contains descriptive language. If you choose to view it, we ask you not share it, because it will add to its viral power." Read More

BREAKING: Chicago high school dean brags to Project Veritas reporter about teaching 'queer sex' to minor students

12/07/2022 08:46 PM
"They were passing around butt-plugs and dildos to my students—talking about queer sex, using lube versus using spit," said Joseph Bruno, Dean of Students at the Francis W. Parker School. Read More

Bus load of Nicaraguan migrants dropped off at Kamala Harris' DC home

12/07/2022 03:23 PM
Since claiming in September that the Unites States had a "secure border", over 125 migrants have been dropped off outside the gates of her official residence in DC. Read More

Americans’ support for US aid to Ukraine declines

12/06/2022 04:08 PM
According to the survey, 48 percent of Americans now believe the US should support Ukraine for "as long as it takes," down from 58 percent in July. Read More

Unsolved murder rate in US highest in decades amid police staffing shortfalls

12/01/2022 04:51 PM
The murder clearance rate – the share of cases that are solved or closed for other reasons – has fallen to its lowest point in more than half a century Read More

More than half of young Americans do not trust their fellow citizens: report

11/30/2022 04:41 PM
"When people trust their fellow citizens, they are less likely to feel anxious and fearful because they are less inclined to view the social environment as threatening." Read More

NYC Mayor Adams' son raps on Albanian 'American Idol' equivalent

11/25/2022 06:25 PM
The 26-year-old took to the stage on Wednesday with two female backup dancers to perform his "Itsy Bitsy" rap in Albania's capital, containing such lyrics as "wanna twerk that a** and shake them titties." Read More

Lori Lightfoot takes aim at Colorado Springs violence despite Chicago's skyrocketing homicide rate

11/22/2022 10:50 AM
As of last week, there have been 604 homicides in Chicago in 2022. Last year the city saw 797 homicides, the highest in 25 years and eclipsing 2020’s 769 homicides, which almost doubled 2019’s 490 murders. Read More

Bus carrying illegal aliens to arrive in Philadelphia this week

11/15/2022 09:56 AM
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney says that the city would welcome the migrants "with open arms." Read More

Two men face hate crime charges for beating white man in Hawaii

11/09/2022 01:46 PM
According to Assistant US Attorney Chris Thomas, Christopher Kunzelman was punched, kicked, and hit with a shovel while trying to renovate the house he purchased in the Kahakuloa village. Read More

Threatening noose flyer in Chicago revealed to be hoax to promote a BLM-style art show

11/07/2022 09:00 PM
Flyers posted around Chicago that have the text "white only" with a noose sparked panic among residents, leading some to believe that they were being targeted for a hate crime. Read More

Activists with bullhorn alarms attempt to prevent women from speaking at Let Women Speak event in Washington, DC

11/07/2022 07:32 PM
A group of masked trans activists carrying bullhorn sirens surrounded British women’s rights campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen and other women who had gathered for the Let Women Speak event in Washington, DC earlier today. Read More

5 murdered, more than 30 shot over violence-filled Chicago weekend

11/07/2022 07:10 PM
Over 30 people were shot over the weekend in Chicago in 20 reported shootings, with at least five people dying as a result. Read More

Biden claims Twitter under Elon Musk 'spews lies all across the world'

11/06/2022 03:11 PM
At a political reception for US Representatives Lauren Underwood and Sean Casten, Biden said "And now what are we all worried about: Elon Musk goes out and buys an outfit that sends – that spews lies all across the world." Read More

'The problem of whiteness' course offered at University of Chicago

11/03/2022 03:20 PM
"In recent years, whiteness has resurfaced as a conspicuous problem within liberal political discourse. This seminar examines the problem of whiteness through an anthropological lens." Read More

Chicago man threatened to 'skin' GOP gubernatorial candidate and feed him his dead family: police

11/03/2022 11:44 AM
"I'm going to skin Darren Bailey alive and feed his family to him. I know where Bailey lives, sleeps, and the school he works at. I'm going to make him scream and suffer. He better kill himself and if he doesn't, I’m going to kill him." Read More

Tulsi Gabbard endorses Ohio GOP candidate JD Vance for Senate

11/01/2022 05:03 PM
"Grateful to have the support of the last person to clean Tim Ryan's clock on the debate stage," Vance said. "Thanks Tulsi!" Read More

BREAKING: Mike Pompeo said Trump running for president will not stop him from also running in 2024

10/22/2022 12:02 PM
Pompeo said "it doesn't make any difference who else decides to run or who else decides not to run" in his calculation to run for president. Read More

Wisconsin taxpayers group asks Supreme Court to block Biden's student loan forgiveness plan

10/19/2022 06:55 PM
"President Biden’s fiat here is nothing more than a modern-day Stamp Act," they argued, calling it "a massive taxing and spending policy passed without participation of the People’s representatives." Read More

BREAKING: Floyd family to sue Kanye West for $250 MILLION, cease and desist letter sent

10/18/2022 03:41 PM
The family's attorneys have sent a cease and desist letter, obtained by TMZ, to West over his comments about Floyd's death. Read More

Indiana teacher in custody after telling student about her kill list

10/14/2022 10:37 AM
Angelica Carrasquillo-Torres, a Grade 5 teacher at St. Stanislaus School in East Chicago, reportedly mentioned the list one of her students around midday on Wednesday. However, police were not called until later that afternoon. Read More

Tufts University racially segregates faculty for 'Unpacking Whiteness' series

10/10/2022 04:19 PM
The white faculty and staff can attend "Unpacking Whiteness" where they will learn how to redistribute "power, policy, and structures to be more equitable" to the "lived experiences" of their BIPOC colleagues. Read More

Texas cop fired after shooting, injuring teen eating hamburger in his car

10/08/2022 08:27 PM
San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said, "There is nothing I can say in defense of that officer’s actions that night."  Read More

'Nonbinary' runners get their own division in Chicago Marathon

10/05/2022 07:50 PM
While men's and women's categories have additional heats, such as "elite," with monetary prizes for the top runners, the non-binary category lacks those bells and whistles, leaving some nonbinary runners feeling left out of the running. Read More

American medical groups demand Biden, big tech censor reporting on medical gender transition of minors

10/04/2022 11:52 AM
They call "on technology companies to do more to prevent this practice on digital platforms." But they go further, urging the Department of Justice "to take swift action to investigate and prosecute all organizations, individuals, and entities responsible." Read More

Seattle Democrat's staff uses Antifa tactics to block Asian journalist from covering media event

10/04/2022 11:26 AM
While he was filming, someone inside the fence resorted to a well-known Antifa tactic that the activist group deploys during riots, using umbrellas to block members of the media. Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Father of 11-year-old speaks out as New York hospital, courts attempt to medically transition his child

10/03/2022 06:43 PM
The father has been instructed by the court to call his child by a new, chosen name, new preferred pronouns, and to refer to the child as being of the new, chosen gender. Golisano Children's Hospital recommends puberty blockers. Read More

Racial segregation implemented for events at University of Chicago, open to BIPOC only

10/03/2022 02:39 PM
The event, titled "Race @ UChicago," is "A BIPOC-ONLY space for honest discussion of navigating race at UChicago between new and old students." Read More

Florida man using toddler as a human shield TASED in McDonald's drive-through

10/01/2022 06:08 PM
Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly said, "Our deputies did everything they could to quickly rescue this child safely from a madman and apprehend the suspect. Fortunately, the child was not hurt and was quickly reunited with his mother." Read More

Philly Wawa robbed, ransacked by 100 looters, mostly juveniles

09/26/2022 02:58 PM
As juvenile looters pillaged and destroyed a Philadelphia Wawa, one young woman says to an employee, "Are y'all gonna make the sandwiches or are ya'll just gonna keep recording?" Read More

6 dead, 31 shot over violent Chicago weekend

09/26/2022 08:44 AM
This weekend's violence in the Windy City follows one of its most deadly of the year last weekend, as nine died from gunshots and over 60 people were hit, including three children ages 3, 10, and 14.  Read More

FBI seizes $86 million in private assets after deceiving magistrate to obtain search warrant

09/26/2022 08:40 AM
While the FBI had been planning to seize the assets, the affidavit backing up the warrant stated that they would not be doing so. Read More

Health 'expert' uses debunked 'multiple personality' junk science to push trans agenda

09/22/2022 11:56 AM
The World Professional Association for Transgender Health held a panel at their Montreal conference to discuss how a "multiple" could discern how to seek treatment if one of their "personalities" is trans. Read More

Chicago stops responding to 911 calls after surge during Mexican Independence Day celebrations

09/21/2022 11:48 AM
In audio obtained by, the dispatcher can be heard telling Novalez that “most everything” on his call-board was over three hours old. Read More

McDonald's CEO not lovin' it in crime ridden Chicago, considers moving HQ

09/19/2022 02:05 PM
"Everywhere I go, I’m confronted by the same question. 'What’s going on in Chicago?' There is a general sense out there that our city is in crisis," McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski said. Read More

Seattle Democrat leader declares Asian reporter 'not a journalist' in order to dodge questions

09/17/2022 05:44 PM
Jonathan Choe has more than two decades of experience in tv news behind the scenes and in front of the camera working for ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and Tribune. Read More

Mike Pompeo tells Chicago crowd he's prepping for 2024 run

09/17/2022 09:27 AM
"Confirmed via a hundred sources, Mike Pompeo is telling people he wants to primary Trump," Jack Posobiec of Human Events Daily said back in October 2021. Read More

Eric Adams forces illegal aliens out of New York while he parties at fashion week

09/16/2022 03:09 PM
On Wednesday Mayor Adams said that the time has come to reconsider NYC's historic "right to shelter" laws as he cannot handle the influx of illegal immigrants being bused from Texas.  Read More

Buses full of illegal aliens arrive at Kamala's house to experience open border policy

09/15/2022 10:40 AM
"It’s open because we enter, we come in, free, no problem," one man at Kamala's house noted, saying that he came across illegally. Read More

Martha's Vineyard begs for help after illegal aliens flown in from Florida

09/15/2022 10:29 AM
Authorities in Martha's Vineyard ask for help with "humanitarian situation" after illegal aliens arrive from Florida seeking shelter and services. Read More

BREAKING: DeSantis sends two planes full of illegal migrants to Martha's Vineyard

09/14/2022 08:06 PM
According to Gov. DeSantis’ press team, the two planes were "part of the state’s relocation program to transport illegal immigrants to sanctuary destinations.” Read More

BREAKING: R Kelly found guilty on child pornography, enticement charges

09/14/2022 06:30 PM
Kelly was found guilty on three counts of child pornography, and three counts of child enticement. Read More

BREAKING: Amtrak cancels passenger service ahead of railroad strike

09/14/2022 04:26 PM
US passenger railroad Amtrak on Monday canceled trips on three long-distance routes due to potential worker strikes that may begin as soon as Friday. Read More

Experts: We must defeat gender ideology and protect children

09/12/2022 01:34 PM
"Teaching children to deny biology is maddening. Telling them they get to choose if you're a girl or boy, or both or neither, because they may have been incorrectly assigned an identity at birth, that's a man made idea," said Dr. Miriam Grossman. Read More

Chicago man tries to buy little girl from mother, then attempts kidnapping

09/11/2022 01:47 PM
Police say the unidentified assailant is a 20-to-25-year-old Hispanic male with red hair and a beard. Read More

GOP moves to pull back on pandemic-era mail-in voting ahead of midterms

09/09/2022 06:10 PM
Citing security concerns, 18 states have re-passed limits on mail-in voting following the aftermath of the election, when the results became highly contested with many, including former President Donald Trump, becoming suspicious of potential voter fraud. Read More

6 dead, over 40 shot so far in Chicago's violence-filled Labor Day weekend

09/04/2022 05:10 PM
In one instance 4 men shot 45 rounds at a 15-year-old boy, striking him twice, and leaving him in critical condition. Read More

Major League Baseball backs medicalized gender transition for kids

09/01/2022 02:16 PM
Of the twenty-nine teams that held Pride Night events in 2022, at least twenty "promoted or funded groups that advocate or are directly involved in child gender transitions." Read More

Democrats face voters' anger over high cost of groceries: report

08/30/2022 05:30 PM
Gasoline prices have begun slowly decreasing but food prices have continued to skyrocket. Read More

WaPo attacks Libs of TikTok, runs cover for hospitals allegedly performing 'gender affirming' surgeries on minors

08/29/2022 02:04 PM
According to WaPo, "Children’s has not disputed the authenticity of the recording but said the employees provided inaccurate information." Read More

Chicago Public Schools promotes video defending rioting, looting during the summer of 2020

08/25/2022 01:07 AM
"So f*ck your target. F*ck your hall of fame. Far as I'm concerned they could burn this b*tch to the ground and it still wouldn't be enough." Read More

Australian woman sues psychiatrist over recommending 'gender affirming' sterilization, mastectomies

08/24/2022 12:54 PM
Jay Langadinos is now suing the Australian doctor, "devastated" with the fact that she is sterilized as a result of getting her female anatomy removed. Read More

Parents demand Maine school district remove books that are 'too pornographic' for young students

08/23/2022 03:39 PM
"First was shock set in, that I was actually reading what I was reading and when I got to the pictures, I’m appalled because it’s pornography all day long in my sight," one concerned mother said. Read More

'Trans-masculine' parents of 10-year-old 'trans model' plan for minor's gender surgeries at age 16

08/23/2022 02:25 PM
"I socially transitioned at 4 years old, legally at 6 years old and I am being monitored and hoping to get hormone blockers soon!" says Noella. Read More

Chicago children's hospital admits reliance on 'anecdotal evidence' for treatment of 'trans' youth

08/22/2022 09:22 AM
"There is there is not a full range of evidence to support the treatments that we're using, but there was a lot of anecdotal evidence to support it," said Dr. Robert Garofalo. Read More

Researcher at Kansas children's hospital recommends taking 'gender dysphoric' kids away from parents who won't agree to medical transition

08/18/2022 07:05 PM
Maura Priest compares parents who do not want their children to have access to medical interventions to the physical abuse of children. Read More

8-year-old paralyzed in Highland Park massacre can only see family 'briefly' once per week due to 'Covid-19 rules'

08/18/2022 04:53 PM
Along with his physical injuries, Roberts has had to contend with the emotional and mental impact of the attack, all while spending most of his time away from family. Read More

BREAKING: Shooting at Six Flags Great America

08/14/2022 10:49 PM
A spokesperson for Six Flags Great America said that three people were injured when shots were fired from a single vehicle that immediately drove away from the scene. Read More

FBI seizes privileged files in Mar-a-Lago raid

08/14/2022 01:47 PM
Trump's team asked the DOJ if they would support a "third party, independent special master to review those records" that could fall under either attorney-client or executive privilege, but the proposal was rejected. Read More

Chicago police to divert officers from neighborhoods to protect movie sets

08/13/2022 06:50 PM
The orders come four days after CPD responded to an incident at the set of FX's upcoming Justified revival where "an unidentified offender lit and threw an unidentified object towards the surrounding area of the set." Read More

Trump claims FBI was 'playing politics' in raid of Mar-a-Lago, says documents could have been asked for 'at any time'

08/12/2022 04:54 PM
"Number two, they didn’t need to 'seize' anything. They could have had it anytime they wanted without playing politics and breaking into Mar-a-Lago," Trump continued. Read More

BREAKING: FBI warrant targeted '45 Office' by name

08/12/2022 01:47 PM
The search and seizure warrant showed that FBI agents sought to search "the 45 Office." Read More

Trump: 'Obama kept 33 million pages of documents'

08/12/2022 01:26 PM
"President Barack Hussein Obama kept 33 million pages of documents, much of them classified. How many of them pertained to nuclear? Word is, lots!" Read More

Mother loses custody of daughter for failing to 'affirm' her trans identity

08/11/2022 04:46 PM
"People who are imprisoned have more communication with their child than I do," Jeannette said. "Usually, Child Protective Services has a definition of what it means to be ‘unsafe,’ to be either abused or neglected. There was no evidence that I had done anything like that," she continued. Read More

Obama, Nixon delayed for years in returning Presidential Records Act-covered documents

08/10/2022 11:02 PM
The Presidential Records Act has come into the spotlight after FBI agents raided former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence under the suspicion that he has held onto documents covered under this act. Read More

Fatal shooting in George Floyd Square marks 55 homicides in Minneapolis in 2022

08/08/2022 09:46 AM
The site has been rampant with violence since it was established following the death of George Floyd in 2020. Read More

POSOBIEC AT CPAC: New Right ready to 'take the fight to the front lines'

08/05/2022 05:14 PM
"They can feel the ground shifting under their feet," Posobiec said, while also crediting Andrew Breitbart and Rush Limbaugh as intellectual founders of the New Right movement. Read More

American Academy of Pediatrics rushes to medicalize 'trans' youth against expert advice

08/04/2022 04:02 PM
"There are other ways to treat gender dysphoria, and AAP seems to be ignoring these other approaches," said Stella O’Malley, a psychotherapist and member of Genspect. Read More

Third body found in receding waters of Lake Mead

07/30/2022 07:31 PM
The receding waters of Lake Mead have revealed several bodies, the first of which was stuck in a barrel in a suspected mob hit. Read More

Zelensky to be immortalized as 'heroic' action figure

07/30/2022 04:09 PM
This was the same company that made the Dr. Anthony Fauci dolls. Read More

Chicago woman shoots 13-year-old as he tries to break into her car

07/30/2022 12:28 PM
The unidentified woman saw the would-be thieves around her car and confronted them, at which point one of them took out a gun and pointed it at her. Read More

Highland Park massacre suspect charged with 21 counts of first-degree murder

07/27/2022 05:49 PM
Highland Park Massacre suspect Robert Crimo III, 22, has been indicted Wednesday on 117 felony charges by an Illinois Grand Jury. Read More

'I sh*t my pants,' wrote felony assault suspect from anti-Dave Chappelle Minneapolis protest

07/27/2022 01:53 AM
Far-left Minneapolis militant Rachel Lee Bean was arrested on suspicion of felony assault and riot against Dave Chappelle's comedy show. Read More

Bears looking at leaving downtown Chicago despite $2.2 BILLION promise from mayor

07/26/2022 02:40 PM
Soldier Field has been home to the Bears for over 50 years and is the oldest in the NFL, but that may be soon to change. Read More

Sheriff, judge sued after criminal suspects on electronic monitors allegedly carjack, murder local man

07/16/2022 04:17 PM
The allegation is that Cook County is failing to adequately monitor potentially violent people they’ve placed on electronic monitoring. Read More

Sheriff, judge sued after criminal suspects on electronic monitors allegedly carjack, murder local man

07/16/2022 04:17 PM
The allegation is that Cook County is failing to adequately monitor potentially violent people they’ve placed on electronic monitoring. Read More

BREAKING: Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan announces benefit concert for Highland Park mass shooting victims

07/15/2022 02:36 AM
The band is currently planning their Spirits of Fire tour which begins in the fall in Dallas, Texas, and is scheduled to play Chicago on November 5 at the United Center. Read More

Burgess Owens reveals racist slurs, comments made by left-wing pundits against black conservatives

07/14/2022 05:18 PM
Congressman Bennie Thompson also piled on, calling Justice Clarence "Uncle Tom," citing his support for voter ID and opposition to affirmative action. Read More

Burgess Owens reveals racist slurs, comments made by left-wing pundits against black conservatives

07/14/2022 05:18 PM
Congressman Bennie Thompson also piled on, calling Justice Clarence "Uncle Tom," citing his support for voter ID and opposition to affirmative action. Read More

America's largest teacher union proposes plan to erase mothers and fathers in favor of 'birthing' or 'non-birthing' parent

07/07/2022 11:47 AM
"'Parental leave' instead of 'maternity leave,' 'parent' instead of 'mother' or 'father,' 'birthing parent' instead of 'mother,' and 'non-birthing parent' instead of father." Read More

America's largest teacher union proposes plan to erase mothers and fathers in favor of 'birthing' or 'non-birthing' parent

07/07/2022 11:47 AM
"'Parental leave' instead of 'maternity leave,' 'parent' instead of 'mother' or 'father,' 'birthing parent' instead of 'mother,' and 'non-birthing parent' instead of father." Read More

Chicago mayor complains about 'toxicity in public discourse' days after saying 'f*ck Clarence Thomas'

07/07/2022 09:57 AM
Lightfoot emphasized the importance of "community" and encouraged residents to "respect" each other and "focus on what brings us together and not what tears us apart." Read More

'Cheer' star Jerry Harris sentenced to 12 years in prison for child pornography

07/07/2022 12:57 AM
Harris pleaded guilty in February to one count of receiving child pornography and one count of engaging in sexual acts with a minor, after being charged with a seven-count indictment. Read More

Father enabled suspect in July 4 massacre to buy guns after police flagged him as 'clear and present danger'

07/06/2022 08:23 AM
"The subject was under 21 and the application was sponsored by the subject’s father," police said in a statement. Read More

BREAKING: Highland Park mass shooting suspect had two previous incidents with police, vowed to kill family

07/05/2022 05:08 PM
In September of 2019, Crimo said that he wanted to "kill everyone" which led to the seizing of 16 knives and other weapons. Read More

BREAKING: Highland Park mass shooting suspect had two previous incidents with police, vowed to kill family

07/05/2022 05:08 PM
In September of 2019, Crimo said that he wanted to "kill everyone" which led to the seizing of 16 knives and other weapons. Read More

52 shot in New York City over July 4 weekend

07/05/2022 09:27 AM
Two young men were shot dead and another taken to hospital with a bullet to the chest after a fight broke out at a bodega in the Brooklyn neighborhood of East New York. Read More

First victim in Highland Park mass shooting identified as grandfather and immigrant from Mexico

07/05/2022 01:45 AM
Nicholas Toledo, 78, was fatally wounded on Monday when a shooter opened fire from a rooftop on parade goers celebrating America's Independence in Highland Park, Illinois, a suburb north of Chicago. Read More

BREAKING: Highland Park shooting suspect 'known to law enforcement'

07/05/2022 01:41 AM
It has been revealed that Roberto Crimo, the suspected Highland Park shooter, was "known to law enforcement" prior to the attack. Read More

BREAKING: Suspect Robert Crimo arrested in connection to Highland Park Fourth of July mass shooting

07/04/2022 08:25 PM
Robert "Bobby" E. Crimo III, 22, was taken into custody on Monday evening following a multi-agency manhunt, the outlet reports. Read More

Haunting YouTube video featuring suspect appears to warn of Highland Park July 4 mass shooting attack

07/04/2022 06:55 PM
A post about Robert "Bobby" E. Crimo III, 22, who also goes by the stage name "Awake," has Crimo reciting a poem in which he frequently repeats that he is "like a sleepwalker" that "can't be stopped." Read More

Haunting YouTube video featuring suspect appears to warn of Highland Park July 4 mass shooting attack

07/04/2022 06:55 PM
A post about Robert "Bobby" E. Crimo III, 22, who also goes by the stage name "Awake," has Crimo reciting a poem in which he frequently repeats that he is "like a sleepwalker" that "can't be stopped." Read More

BREAKING: Police name suspect in Chicago-area Fourth of July attack

07/04/2022 06:05 PM
A person of interest has been named in the Highland Park, Illinois shooting that saw 6 dead and two dozen injured. Read More

BREAKING: 6 dead, 24 hospitalized in shooting at Illinois Fourth of July parade

07/04/2022 12:16 PM
Multiple people are feared dead, with the Lake & McHenry County Scanner reporting that at least nine have been shot. Read More

BREAKING: 6 dead, 24 hospitalized in shooting at Illinois Fourth of July parade

07/04/2022 12:16 PM
Multiple people are feared dead, with the Lake & McHenry County Scanner reporting that at least nine have been shot. Read More

5 dead, 35 shot in Chicago over violence-filled weekend

07/03/2022 02:30 PM
In a majority of these instances, Chicago police officers have yet to take any suspects into custody. Read More

Meat seasoning used to mask odor of 51 dead migrants in Texas human smuggling tragedy

06/28/2022 11:03 PM
The hospitalized survivors, including four children, are in conditions ranging from critical to stable. The death toll jumped from 46 to 51 on Tuesday morning after transported victims died in the hospital. Read More

Meat seasoning used to mask odor of 51 dead migrants in Texas human smuggling tragedy

06/28/2022 11:03 PM
The hospitalized survivors, including four children, are in conditions ranging from critical to stable. The death toll jumped from 46 to 51 on Tuesday morning after transported victims died in the hospital. Read More

At least 46 potential victims of human trafficking found dead inside 18-wheeler in San Antonio

06/28/2022 12:11 AM
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted Monday night, "At Least 42 People Found Dead Inside Truck Carrying Migrants In Texas. These deaths are on Biden. They are a result of his deadly open border policies." Read More

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot proclaims, 'f*ck Clarence Thomas' at Pride event

06/27/2022 11:31 AM
"Thank you. F*ck Clarence Thomas!" Lightfoot said on stage at a Chicago Pride event on Saturday. Read More

Illinois park to feature provocative drag performer in event for kids

06/26/2022 03:03 PM
On June 26th, an Illinois park will be hosting a "family-friendly party in the park celebrating LGBTQ Pride" which will feature drag performances for children. Read More

Biden's Department of Justice issues statement that 'disagrees' with SCOTUS ruling on gun ban

06/23/2022 11:57 PM
The DOJ has no lawful basis or precedent for issuing statements in opposition to Supreme Court rulings, and has no ability in law to challenge constitutional rulings. Read More

Biden's Department of Justice issues statement that 'disagrees' with SCOTUS ruling on gun ban

06/23/2022 11:57 PM
The DOJ has no lawful basis or precedent for issuing statements in opposition to Supreme Court rulings, and has no ability in law to challenge constitutional rulings. Read More

Smollett says he'd be 'a piece of sh*t' if he had faked hate crime

06/23/2022 12:16 PM
Smollett appeared on a podcast to again declare that he was innocent and that if he had staged the crime it would've been to make him look 'strong.' Read More

Smollett says he'd be 'a piece of sh*t' if he had faked hate crime

06/23/2022 12:16 PM
Smollett appeared on a podcast to again declare that he was innocent and that if he had staged the crime it would've been to make him look 'strong.' Read More

BREAKING: Supreme Court STRIKES DOWN New York concealed carry restrictions

06/23/2022 10:41 AM
The vote broke down on party lines, 6-3. In the 135 page opinion, with the majority opinion written by Justice Clarence Thomas. Read More

Women dead, 7 injured in shooting at South Carolina graduation party

06/06/2022 10:31 AM
The incident happened just after 11:00 pm, with a crowd of 14 people who were gathered on a private lawn being sprayed with bullets, hitting eight of them. Read More

DC police searching for suspect who carjacked ambulance

06/05/2022 05:08 PM
Nobody was injured in the incident, and the ambulance was recovered a while later intact, with no damage. The suspect, however, is still at large. Read More

3 dead, many injured in Philadelphia after mass shooting on South Street

06/05/2022 11:34 AM
Two men and a women were shot several times and died at the hospital. Read More

Soros-backed fund helps Latino media group purchase 18 Spanish radio stations across US

06/04/2022 03:26 PM
Soros made a similar move in 2010, with a $1.8 million donation to NPR for 100 new reporters for 50 radio stations. Read More

WATCH: Doocy grills Jean-Pierre about Biden's plans to limit gun rights

06/02/2022 08:51 PM
"If people are dying every day, why would this President then say he wants to give it some space?" Doocy asked. Read More

Illinois school board hears proposal to use race as a factor for grading

05/31/2022 05:54 PM
"At no time were any statements made recommending that OPRF implement a race-based grading approach," the district said. Read More

Illinois school board hears proposal to use race as a factor for grading

05/31/2022 05:54 PM
"At no time were any statements made recommending that OPRF implement a race-based grading approach," the district said. Read More

WATCH: Taco Bell launches 'Drag Brunch' tour across the US

05/31/2022 12:15 PM
"Fans who attend the event will be immersed in an environment featuring captivating visual backdrops, craveable breakfast menu items, thrilling lip syncs and extraordinary high kicks and dips," Taco Bell said. Read More

Joe Rogan warns against punishing law abiding gun owners following Texas mass shooting

05/30/2022 11:32 PM
Joe Rogan warned against giving the government more power by taking guns away from law-abiding citizens following the mass shooting at a Texas school last week. Read More

Truck crashes into house, bursts through other side but leaves no serious injuries

05/28/2022 07:58 PM
The owners of the house are staying at a hotel for the time being. Read More

Over 1.2 million students left public schools since pandemic, numbers still declining in Democrat strongholds

05/28/2022 01:38 PM
Conversely, there was very little public school attrition in states that did not lock down. Read More

Biden admin to enforce gender neutral bathrooms in K-12 schools via federal aid for food programs

05/28/2022 12:00 PM
"It seems to be playing politics with feeding poor kids, which is really unfortunate," John Elcesser of the Indiana Non-Public Education Association told the Federalist. Read More

Oklahoma passes 'bathroom bill' requiring students to use facilities based on biological sex

05/27/2022 09:00 AM
Parents are also now able to civilly sue institutions for non-compliance with this law, in a similar fashion to Texas's "heartbeat law" for abortions and Florida's Parental Rights in Education bill. Read More

Illinois governor criticizes Texas' Greg Abbott for citing Chicago crime stats as evidence 'real gun laws' don't work

05/25/2022 06:55 PM
"The majority of guns used in Chicago shootings come from states with lax gun laws," the Illinois Governor argued. Read More

Greg Abbott says Chicago, New York and LA prove that gun control laws don't work

05/25/2022 03:07 PM
"And so if you're looking for a real solution, Chicago teaches that what you're talking about, it's not a real solution. Our job is to come up with real solutions that we can implement." Read More

Greg Abbott says Chicago, New York and LA prove that gun control laws don't work

05/25/2022 03:07 PM
"And so if you're looking for a real solution, Chicago teaches that what you're talking about, it's not a real solution. Our job is to come up with real solutions that we can implement." Read More

REVEALED: BLM gave 'cash grant' to radical Chicago group supporting cop killers, burning down cities

05/23/2022 05:07 PM
The group's leader has said that police, or "pigs" as he calls them, are "hunting" down black people and "use any excuse to up a pole and end our life." Read More

WATCH: Oregon student says biological males take advantage of inclusive bathroom policy to prey on girls

05/19/2022 06:33 PM
"I've watched guys just walk into the girls' bathrooms while I'm in there, pretty much just walks in, looks at us, and then either uses the bathroom, or stands there for a minute and just walks right back out." Read More

California church shooting being investigated as a hate crime, suspect identified

05/16/2022 06:56 PM
68-year-old David Chou has been booked and charged by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. He faces one count of murder and five counts of attempted murder. Read More

Lori Lightfoot announces 10 pm weekend curfew for teenagers

05/16/2022 11:58 AM
"I'm signing an executive order to move that curfew back to 10 pm, and I'm urging parents, guardians and responsible adults in the lives of children to make sure that you know what the rules are." Read More

Biden calls for US to 'address the hate that remains a stain on the soul of America' after Buffalo mass shooting

05/16/2022 10:27 AM
"Already, the Justice Department has stated publicly that is investigating the matter, as a hate crime, racially motivated act of white supremacy and violent extremism," Biden said. Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Dinesh D'Souza talks '2000 Mules', election integrity from American Freedom Tour

05/15/2022 04:42 PM
"If the evidence in the film is true, we are kind of in constitutionally uncharted territory," D'Souza told The Post Millennial. Read More

Masked Lori Lightfoot SLAMMED for staged photo reading 'banned' book in Texas while Chicago violence rages on

05/15/2022 03:43 PM
"In Texas, reading any damn book I choose," Lightfoot posted on Sunday. "No banning of books or thought. Ever." Read More

16-year-old boy shot and killed at Millennium Park, Chicago police declare riot

05/15/2022 03:21 PM
16-year-old Seandell Holliday was shot during a gathering inside the park and was taken to Lurie Children’s Hospital in critical condition, but later died from his injuries. Read More

It took the Biden administration 6 MONTHS of research to come up with 'ultra MAGA'

05/13/2022 07:30 PM
"All of that extremism gets captured in that brand," claims a member of the research team who settled on that phrase. Read More

Chicago gang leader allegedly behind mass shooting previously released on $100 bail

05/12/2022 11:31 PM
Chicago police believe Sergio Barron is behind an increase of gang violence occurring since the time of his March bond release. Read More

BREAKING: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot issues ‘CALL TO ARMS’ over US Supreme Court

05/09/2022 11:35 PM
Lightfoot tweeted Monday night, "To my friends in the LGBTQ+ community—the Supreme Court is coming for us next. This moment has to be a call to arms." Read More

Jack Posobiec shows how China's zero-Covid policies impact the global economy

04/29/2022 03:08 PM
The yuan has dropped to its lowest level since 2020, and the Chinese stock market is not faring much better, with tech stocks being among the hardest hit. Read More

Teen bullied into suicide over false allegations about his vaccination status by students, school officials

04/28/2022 11:00 AM
The parents of a teen who committed suicide say that relentless bullying at school over false allegations about his vaccination status led him to kill himself. Read More

FLASHBACK: Dr. Oz pushed Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax

04/14/2022 01:56 AM
A clip from a 2019 episode of the Dr. Oz show where Oz expressed his "love" for Jussie Smollett a month after Smollett faked a racist hate crime against himself in Chicago to smear former President Trump and his supporters. Read More

California describes criminals and felons as 'justice involved individuals'

04/12/2022 06:35 PM
Governor Gavin Newsom’s latest budget report allocates $10.6 million dollars for "justice involved individuals" to have housing upon their release from jail. Read More

High school choir teacher charged with 9 counts of criminal sexual assault of student

04/10/2022 01:13 PM
Nathan Bramstedt allegedly had sexual contact with a 17-year-old student. Read More

WATCH: The Atlantic writer calls Hunter Biden's laptop 'totally irrelevant'

04/07/2022 06:05 PM
"I don't find it to be interesting, I mean, that would be my problem with that as a major news story," Applebaum said. Read More

ROASTED POTATO: CNN's Brian Stelter gets called out by college freshman for pushing major hoaxes

04/07/2022 04:13 PM
"I understand that's a popular right-wing narrative about CNN," Stelter replied. Read More

Oregon Secretary of State report on domestic terrorism cites violent extremism by Antifa in Portland

04/02/2022 12:42 PM
The report found that incidents of domestic violent extremism "rose precipitously" both nationally and in Oregon from 2019 to 2021. Read More

BLM-Antifa rioter pleads guilty over fire bombing attack to kill Portland police

03/29/2022 01:56 PM
With Muhammad's continued acceptance of responsibility, the US Attorney's Office will recommend a sentence of 10 years in federal prison. Read More

Indianapolis BLM activist accused of trying to kill police with firebombs in Portland to plead guilty

03/23/2022 11:29 AM
Muhammad allegedly traveled to Portland with his girlfriend from their home in Indianapolis for the purpose of engaging in violent civil disorder during the 2020 riots. Read More

Self-censorship rampant across academia, institutions even among liberals

03/21/2022 07:47 PM
"I got into this job because I liked to play devil's advocate. I can't do that anymore. I have a family," commented one professor. Read More

Parolee suspected in robbery, shooting of president of non-profit that 'works to reduce recidivism among parolees'

03/21/2022 02:09 AM
Curtis Edgleston was out on parole for robbery is accused of obbing, shooting and almost killing the head of a non-profit organization that purports to help keep parolees out of jail. Read More

Suspects charged in killing of security guard, retired police officer Kevin Nishita during smash-and-grab robbery

03/18/2022 11:38 AM
Kevin Nishita, a father of two and grandfather of three, was shot in the abdomen and was transported to a nearby hospital where he died three days later. Read More

Chris Cuomo spills the beans on unethical behavior by ex-CNN colleagues in bombshell lawsuit

03/17/2022 08:23 AM
In a lawsuit, Chris Cuomo blasted former colleagues Don Lemon and Jeffrey Toobin for their unethical behavior, and noted that the network continues to employ these men. Read More

BREAKING: Jussie Smollett to be released from jail after court ruling

03/16/2022 07:06 PM
Jussie Smollett, who created a hate hoax and was later convicted for lying to police, which resulted in a massive waste of law enforcement resources and time, will be released from jail on bond. Read More

BLM co-founder asks followers to 'call the jails' and demand Jussie Smollett be freed

03/15/2022 10:42 AM
"And honestly, we just need folks to keep tagging Free Jussie, keep posting. We need folks to call the jails and and check up on him, but also say that you think he should be freed." Read More

Jussie Smollett claims he's only in jail because he's black

03/13/2022 01:12 PM
Smollett believes the sentence is more evidence of systemic racism in the judicial system, sources told TMZ. Read More

Jussie Smollett will undergo mental health assessment after 'I AM NOT SUICIDAL' meltdown

03/11/2022 08:19 PM
"These protocols are routinely used for individuals ordered into protective custody who may potentially be at risk of harm..." the sheriff's office said. Read More

BLM rioter sentenced to 5 years in federal prison for throwing explosive device into Chicago restaurant

03/11/2022 02:29 PM
The Justice Department said Vargas also tried to steal cash from an ATM the previous night and struck the machine with a baseball bat and a metal pole from a street sign. Read More

BREAKING: Jussie Smollett sentenced to 150 days in jail for hate hoax, reacts in court: 'I AM NOT SUICIDAL!'

03/10/2022 07:38 PM
During sentencing, the judge scolded the "hypocritical charlatan" Smollett for being narcissistic, arrogant, and selfish. “You wanted to make yourself more famous… You were actually throwing a pity party for yourself.” Read More

Lori Lightfoot brags 'I have the biggest d*ck in Chicago' during debate over Columbus statue: lawsuit

03/03/2022 02:47 PM
"My d*ck is bigger than yours and the Italians, I have the biggest d*ck in Chicago," Lightfoot allegedly said, according to the lawsuit. Read More

Former Democrat House Speaker faces racketeering and bribery charges for decades-long schemes

03/03/2022 12:40 AM
Michael Madigan is accused of enhancing his own "political power and financial well-being while also generating income for his political allies and associates." Read More

Jussie Smollett files motion to toss out guilty hate hoax verdict

02/27/2022 02:26 PM
Smollett's attorneys are requesting that his convictions be vacated or that the court grants him a new trial. Read More

WATCH: Drew Hernandez asks Kyle Rittenhouse if he regrets going to Kenosha

02/22/2022 06:24 PM
"If I would’ve known I was going to be attacked and have to defend myself and then have to fight for my life in a courtroom? I wouldn’t have gone there." Read More

12-year-old charged in murder, carjacking of elderly Asian man in Philadelphia

02/21/2022 09:44 AM
After the beating, Chin was taken to the hospital where he was revealed to have a brain injury as well as facial fractures. He died on Dec. 21. Two other teens are charged as well. Read More

WATCH: Police slam student against wall during COVID-19 walkout at Manitoba school

02/18/2022 02:57 PM
An officer was filmed slamming a student against a wall during the student walkout in Steinbach, Manitoba. Read More

Fauci claims removing school mask mandates is still too 'risky'

02/18/2022 01:09 PM
"It's understandable why people want to take masks off the kids. But, right now, given the level of activity that we have, it is risky." Read More

TPUSA holds anti-mask mandate rally in Illinois

02/16/2022 07:07 PM
Turning Point USA is set to hold a "No Forced Masks Rally" in Illinois on Wednesday night to protest school districts that continue to enforce mask mandates. Read More

Amazon, Walmart drop mask requirements for vaccinated employees

02/15/2022 09:01 PM
While details vary from business to business, the general trend is moving in a maskless direction across the country. Read More

BREAKING: Twitter suspends 'Defiant L's', account best known for highlighting Liberal hypocrisy

02/15/2022 07:22 PM
The account that took screenshots of leftist’s sudden change of viewpoint on a situational basis of seeming convenience, has been removed from the platform. Read More

Chicago mask mandate to stay in place even as Illinois eases restrictions statewide

02/15/2022 03:22 PM
"February 28 is obviously the date that the state set, that's not the date that the city set," said Lightfoot. Read More

Chicago alderman found guilty of lying to regulators, filing false income tax returns

02/15/2022 12:56 PM
Thompson was found guilty of two counts of lying to regulators and five counts of filing false federal income tax returns. Read More

Journalist suspended from Twitter after sharing video of gunman in University of Chicago shootout

02/14/2022 11:10 PM
Student activists are using the incident to push for the school to disband the campus police force, and left-wing activist lawyers are demanding that the officer is fired by university officials. Read More

High school students in Chicago suburb walk out over district's mask mandate

02/11/2022 07:45 PM
The group also rented a plane to fly a banner over the school urging the district to "unmask our kids." Read More

Far-left activist charged over vandalizing slain female Chicago officer's memorial

02/11/2022 06:28 PM
The far-left activist is accused of vandalizing slain Chicago police officer Ella French's memorial. Kochakian was arrested using the handcuffs of French's partner. Read More

SHOCKING: Middle school student reportedly locked in room for not wearing a mask

02/11/2022 02:50 PM
"It is the law by Governor Pritzker to let me out of this room. You can't lock me in a room. You can't lock me in here," he says, trying to push the door open. "Please let me out." Read More

Fauci, teachers union president claim there isn't enough evidence to lift school mask mandates

02/08/2022 01:17 PM
"So the real question becomes, how do we make sure that people can plan for it, and what are the measures so everybody knows, so it doesn't feel like it's based upon politics?" Randi Weingarten said. Read More

Chicago Police searching for suspect after he told Jewish students they should all 'be killed'

02/08/2022 12:13 AM
"Judaism’s antidote to hate is love and our solution to darkness is light and our remedy to evil is good...our message is that we have to add in kindness and goodness and be positive." Read More

HATE HOAX: Black student charged with lying to police after faking hate crime

02/07/2022 08:10 PM
The handwritten notes said "DIE B*TCH" and "BLACK PEOPLE DON'T BELONG," according to charging documents. Read More

Sports broadcaster fired after making Antifa joke during basketball game

02/03/2022 05:35 PM
“As a taxpaying citizen of Montana, I am deeply offended that my tax money goes to institutions that defend terrorism. As a sportscaster, I say lighten up, it was a joke” Read More

Portland deputy DAs believe more should be done to create equitable outcomes in criminal justice system: survey

01/27/2022 01:59 AM
42.6 percent of respondents "strongly agree" with the belief that prosecutors should work to reduce "the overrepresentation of people of color in the justice system," while almost half of those surveyed "strongly agree" that prosecutors should reduce "racial disparities in case outcomes." Read More

Carjackings rise in Democrat-run cities across the country

01/25/2022 04:34 PM
Democrat-run cities have seen a shocking spike in carjacking cases over the last year, with some cities seeing the highest number of carjackings in decades. Read More

WATCH: Candace Owens and Tucker Carlson SLAM liberals for saying climate change is a bigger threat than skyrocketing crime

01/25/2022 11:55 AM
"So the dumbest person on television, the mask and VAX lady who wants you to fear a climate. Is calling others fear, mongers. It's all kind of hilarious, but also sort of awful." Read More

US daily COVID-19 cases drop 47 percent over past week: report

01/18/2022 02:50 PM
The decline in COVID-19 cases across the United States offers a glimmer of hope that the Omicron winter surge has begun to lessen. Read More

Doctors call on Spotify to censor Joe Rogan for questioning the COVID narrative

01/14/2022 09:57 AM
"These are preventable illnesses that folks like Joe Rogan and Dr. Robert Malone are directly responsible for," Rolling Stone's cited expert Jessica Malaty Rivera said. Read More

CNN TANKS in viewership, losing nearly 90 percent of audience after year of fake news, pedophile scandals

01/13/2022 05:36 PM
During the week of January 3, CNN averaged just 548,000 viewers, a huge drop from from the nearly 2.7 million viewers for the time frame in 2021. Read More

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot goes to war with teachers union for holding students 'hostage'

01/06/2022 06:43 PM
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has finally put her foot down on the city’s teachers’ union, accusing them of holding students “hostage” as they oppose the city’s efforts to reopen schools and bring back in-person learning. Read More

Teachers push to switch NYC schools to remote learning amid COVID panic

01/06/2022 01:26 PM
"Politicians and Department of Education officials dismiss our concerns about the city's failure to take even the most basic health and safety precautions as the pandemic takes over our city once again." Read More

Chicago Teachers Union keeps 290,000 kids out of school over COVID panic

01/06/2022 12:58 PM
Leaked posts from the teachers' union's private Facebook group show, however, that many seem to be in no rush to return to any semblance of normality. Read More

WATCH: Chicago teacher battling cancer explains why he refuses to return to virtual learning

01/06/2022 01:59 AM
"I have done the remote learning for more than a year with the students. I have seen the limitations and the challenges that a teacher has with remote learning. It's not really effective." Read More

Chicago schools shuttered by teachers union, angering officials, parents

01/05/2022 06:46 PM
The union voted for the action after just 400 cases of COVID-19 were reported on Tuesday morning in the city. Read More

WATCH: NFL star Aaron Rodgers slams woke journalist over MVP vote comments: 'His problem is that I'm not vaccinated'

01/05/2022 05:19 PM
"I think he's a bum. I think he's an absolute bum. He doesn’t know me. I don't know who he is. No one knew who he was probably until yesterday's comments," the Green Bay Packers quarterback said. Read More

New Manhattan DA to stop seeking prison sentences, downgrade felonies to make New York 'safer'

01/05/2022 01:59 PM
Police organizations and officers harshly criticized Bragg's memo, saying it will lead to more crime within the city. Read More

Illinois prosecutors seek death penalty for duo that executed police officer while she begged for her life

01/05/2022 10:38 AM
"'You don't have to do this, please just go, please don't please don't.' She was desperately pleading for her life," said Kankakee County State's Attorney Jim Rowe. Read More

Chronic violent offender released after plea deal, gets charged with another felony while on parole

01/02/2022 02:56 PM
Prosecutors charged Stewart with Class X armed habitual criminal, possessing an extended ammunition magazine, leaving the scene, failure to report as a gun offender, and filing a false police report. Read More

2021 goes down as Chicago's deadliest year in the past 25 years.

01/01/2022 05:24 PM
2021 saw a total of 797 homicides in the city of Chicago, the highest total on record since 1996. Read More

Alleged Illinois cop killers arrested following interstate manhunt

01/01/2022 11:44 AM
Veteran police officer Sgt. Marlene Rittmanic, 49, and her partner Officer Tyler Bailey, 27, were ambushed and shot while responding to a noise complaint of two unattended dogs at a Comfort Inn motel. Read More

Biden admin considers changing definition of 'fully vaccinated' to include booster shot

12/31/2021 06:25 PM
A report from the New York Times says the White House in considering incorporating COVID-19 booster shots in their 2022 fully-vaccinated messaging. Read More

Chicago dispatcher lays blame on Lightfoot's COVID mandates for lack of police protection

12/30/2021 07:19 PM
"When all hell breaks loose in downtown Chicago, we’re doing activation drills, and they’re sending five, six cars from this district, all downtown." Read More

Teacher tests positive for COVID while on flight, quarantines herself in airplane bathroom for 4 hours

12/30/2021 06:16 PM
Marisa Fotieo posted a video to TikTok last week showing her quarantining in an airplane bathroom for four hours after using a rapid test kid on herself and testing positive for COVID. Read More

Aaron Rodgers blasts NFL's COVID-19 panic: 'If science can't be questioned, it's propaganda'

12/29/2021 08:31 PM
"If science can't be questioned, it's not science any more; it's propaganda." Read More

Chicago teachers vote to go back to remote learning

12/29/2021 12:46 AM
CTU was polling its members if they would support a "district-wide pause and temporary shift to remote learning" following the rise in COVID cases in the city. Read More

BLM group promotes 'smash and grab' event, terrorizes Xmas shoppers in Beverly Hills

12/24/2021 04:42 PM
The protest reportedly shut down the area for around two hours on one of the last shopping days before Christmas. Read More

United Airlines and others cancel dozens of flights scheduled for Christmas Eve amid COVID outbreak

12/23/2021 11:06 PM
"We’re sorry for the disruption and are working hard to rebook as many people as possible and get them on their way for the holidays." Read More

Illinois state senator who championed criminal justice reform gets carjacked in Chicago suburb

12/23/2021 09:47 AM
An Illinois state senator who championed criminal justice overhaul was carjacked at gunpoint on Tuesday. She called the police, whom she later thanked for their "quick and thorough response." Read More

Illinois state senator who championed criminal justice reform gets carjacked in Chicago suburb

12/23/2021 09:47 AM
An Illinois state senator who championed criminal justice overhaul was carjacked at gunpoint on Tuesday. She called the police, whom she later thanked for their "quick and thorough response." Read More

Chicago's $411 million 'crime reduction plan' will pay for government housing, public parks, and 'holistic' services

12/23/2021 09:23 AM
Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is going ahead with her crime reduction plan, which is slated to cost a whopping $411 million. Read More

Chicago's $411 million 'crime reduction plan' will pay for government housing, public parks, and 'holistic' services

12/23/2021 09:23 AM
Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is going ahead with her crime reduction plan, which is slated to cost a whopping $411 million. Read More

BREAKING: Supreme Court to hear arguments against Biden's vaccine mandates

12/22/2021 09:38 PM
The Supreme Court announced on Wednesday that they would hold a special hearing in January to determine the legality of the Biden administration's far-reaching vaccine mandates. Read More

WATCH: Joe Rogan points out the progressive double standard between vaccine and voter ID

12/22/2021 09:31 PM
"It’s a large percentage of African Americans that are not vaccinated, and they don’t want it and they don’t trust it." Read More

BREAKING: DC will require vaccination to enter restaurants, other indoor businesses

12/22/2021 01:23 PM
Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, theaters, museums, and gyms are among the businesses listed under DC's vaccine requirement. Read More

Chicago to require proof of vaccination, photo ID, to enter restaurants, bars, and gyms

12/21/2021 07:50 PM
Starting on January 3, 2022, Chicago gym, bar, and restaurant patrons will be required to show both a photo ID and proof of vaccination to enter businesses. Read More

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot pleas for federal government's help combatting city's crime

12/21/2021 07:35 PM
"Keeping you safe is my priority — not one of, but the first and primary priority," Lightfoot said. Read More

Lutheran pastor dresses in drag to lead worship service with children

12/19/2021 04:02 PM
Aaron Musser, who was ordained this summer, donned a blonde wig, white dress, and makeup to share in worship with the children in his parish. Read More

Chicago police investigate sergeant for supporting formation of conservative group at daughter's high school

12/18/2021 03:30 PM
A police officer is facing an internal investigation after she supported her daughter and her friends' right to form a political club at their Chicago public high school. Read More

Black Chicago school students given segregated field trips with black instructors

12/17/2021 10:43 AM
"Students will travel to Jefferson Middle School, observe a teacher and then have a question answer luncheon and discuss the importance of considering education as a career as a person of color." Read More

Chicago father beaten to death outside family home while hanging up Christmas decorations

12/14/2021 08:27 PM
"My dad, you know, he was a hard worker. He tried to give us everything we needed," said the victim’s son. Read More

Don Lemon and Brian Stelter say Fox News doesn't belong in the White House briefing room

12/14/2021 11:33 AM
The two took to their news channel, CNN, to pontificate about how "kind" the White House has been to the news channel that more Americans watch than any other. Read More

'We thought we were doing him a favor': Smollett juror speaks on verdict

12/13/2021 11:51 AM
"It wasn’t an easy decision. You’ve got the mother sitting there. You feel bad. We didn’t know what the penalty would be. Are we sending this guy to jail?" Read More

BLM activists demand abolition of Chicago police's 'racist' gang database

12/12/2021 06:49 PM
A Chicago-based group called Defund CPD Campaign is advocating for the abolition of the Chicago Police Department's "racist" gang database, stating that a vast majority of individuals listed are Black or "Latinx." Read More

BREAKING: Chicago to SUE disgraced Jussie Smollett after guilty hate hoax verdict

12/12/2021 05:47 PM
The city will be going forward with a $130,106.15 lawsuit against the star after Smoleltt was found guilty on five counts of disorderly conduct. Read More

Chicago police chief who arrested Jussie Smollett says untouched Subway sandwich was evidence of hoax

12/11/2021 04:28 PM
"This guy had the sandwich in his hand and it had never been touched. That was a real tipping point to us that something was amiss," Johnson said. Read More

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