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Diana Davison

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Canadian News, News

New rules of evidence found unconstitutional in Ontario

After multiple challenges, a Superior Court judge in Ontario has finally ruled that Parliament violated constitutional rights when they implemented new rules of evidence to increase convictions in sexual assault allegations.

Diana Davison / Nov 28, 2020

Canadian News, News

Timeline of Trudeau government's response to coronavirus threat reveals major mistakes

According to the Trudeau government, there was no “curve” to worry about until it was too late.

Diana Davison / Mar 30, 2020

Canadian News, Opinion, News

Lawyer warns against emergency cell phone tracking measures during coronavirus outbreak

Toronto criminal defence lawyer and legal expert Joseph Neuberger says granting the government access to cell phone location tracking and private information on citizens is wrong.

Diana Davison / Mar 25, 2020

American News, Culture, #Entertainment

A teen boy wouldn’t say “f*ck Trump” on stage and was shamed—this is his story

Austin Joyner claims that he was publicly humiliated at a YG rap concert for refusing to denounce Donald Trump. Now he’s speaking out.

Diana Davison / Jan 10, 2020

Canadian News, Culture

B.C. court allows transgender child to make own medical decisions

The B.C. Court of Appeal has delivered a verdict today regarding the right of a child to receive treatment for gender dysphoria without parental consent.

Diana Davison / Jan 10, 2020

Canadian News, News, American News, Culture

UBC cancels Andy Ngo talk on antifa violence due to violent threats from antifa

Journalist Andy Ngo’s talk has been cancelled at UBC due to safety concerns. Lawyers have issued a legal letter demanding the event be reinstated.

Diana Davison / Jan 2, 2020

Canadian News

Social media history of Julie Berman’s alleged killer paints a complicated picture

While Berman’s murder has been posited by activists and politicians as a transphobic hate crime, Harnack’s social media posts complicate that narrative.

Diana Davison / Dec 29, 2019

Opinion, Politics & Policy

The Trudeau government’s Bill C-51 has led to chaos in the legal system

As 2019 winds down, a year after the Trudeau government introduced significant changes to our legal system, the courts have wound up in a state of chaos.

Diana Davison / Dec 23, 2019

Canadian News, Opinion

Gerald Regan, former Nova Scotia Premier, has died

Regan could have spent his final years in prison after multiple historic allegations of sexual abuse were prosecuted in the mid 1990s.

Diana Davison / Nov 28, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Porn wars get personal in No Nut November

In No Nut November, the question “To fap or not to fap?” has become fraught with legal danger.

Diana Davison / Nov 21, 2019

Canadian News

Ontario ‘couchsurfing’ terrorism suspect arrested with peace bond

Suspected terrorist Ikar Mao has been given a peace bond after returning to Canada. Mao had an active account on and managed to make bail.

Diana Davison / Nov 18, 2019

News, American News

EPSTEIN: Project Veritas says source to come out today with info on alleged coverup

Investigative news outlet Project Veritas is set to release a story with source who allegedly has video footage showing Jeffrey Epstein’s death was a coverup.

Diana Davison / Nov 5, 2019

Opinion, Culture

UBC postpones free speech event

Dr. Janice Fiamengo has had many previous events cancelled after protesters used noisemakers to interrupt her speech and pulled fire alarms.

Diana Davison / Nov 2, 2019


Meghan Murphy greeted by hundreds of protesters in Toronto

Meghan Murphy spoke to a sold out audience at a Toronto public library. It was hard to understand what all the fuss was about.

Diana Davison / Oct 30, 2019

Ontario judge rules that sexual assault trials need to balance the rights of accused

“The integrity of a witness and the credibility of their testimony are brought into question when they gain access to relevant information prior to testifying.”

Diana Davison / Sep 27, 2019

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