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Siddak Ahuja

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Canadian News

Montreal’s Amherst Street is now Atateken Street

The street was originally named after Jeffery Amherst, a British general who advocated the use of biological warfare to kill Indigenous peoples.

Siddak Ahuja / Oct 21, 2019

Canadian News

Raptors fans to give away thousands of pro-Hong Kong T-shirts for home opener

A group of basketball fans, who support Hong Kong’s democratic protests, raised more than $34,000 to give t-shirts to people attending the first Raptors’ game.

Siddak Ahuja / Oct 16, 2019


Canadian leaders must take a stand on Kashmir

It is for those eight million helpless people that Canadian leaders should stand up for. It is imperative that Canada continues to champion human rights on the global stage.

Siddak Ahuja / Oct 16, 2019

Canadian News

Trudeau dodges questions on forming coalition government with NDP

“Our focus is on electing a progressive government, not a progressive opposition,” said Trudeau.

Siddak Ahuja / Oct 14, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Joe Rogan is dead wrong about video games

We love dunking on low-information people when they say “video games cause violence.” But nobody expected Joe Rogan to jump on this sinking boat.

Siddak Ahuja / Oct 12, 2019

Canadian News

ADORABLE: Man kisses Jagmeet Singh on turban

In an absolutely adorable moment, a supporter of NDP leader Jagmeet Singh kissed him on his turban.

Siddak Ahuja / Oct 9, 2019

Canadian News

SINGH ASCENDENT? Jagmeet greeted by thousands at Ryerson

Singh has been gaining traction, especially after his performances in the televised debates.

Siddak Ahuja / Oct 9, 2019

Canadian News, Politics & Policy

Liberals plummet, Conservatives surge in new poll

If the new polling results were translated into seats, we would see a Conservative minority government.

Siddak Ahuja / Oct 9, 2019


Screening of Jordan Peterson movie cancelled because staff felt “uncomfortable”

ShapeShifter Lab in New York City has cancelled a screening for the movie “The Rise of Jordan Peterson” because its staff felt uncomfortable.

Siddak Ahuja / Oct 7, 2019

Canadian News

Notley not sure if she will vote NDP in October

On Friday, Jagmeet Singh said that he will try his best to gain Notley’s support.

Siddak Ahuja / Oct 5, 2019

Opinion, Politics & Policy

Don’t believe the recycled Liberal pharmacare plan

Experts claim that the Liberal Pharmacare plan is neither well-funded nor well-detailed.

Siddak Ahuja / Sep 30, 2019

Canadian News

Egg thrown at Justin Trudeau during Climate Strike

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hoped the Climate Strike would go well for him today. He met with Greta Thunberg, the…

Siddak Ahuja / Sep 27, 2019

Canadian News, American News, Politics & Policy

Singh jokes about Trump: “I hope he gets impeached”

Singh said it is “disgusting that the president could inflame hatred against people and be so divisive.”

Siddak Ahuja / Sep 27, 2019

Canadian News

14-year-old Canadian to address UN about environmental issues

Autumn Peltier, the Anishinabek Nation chief water commissioner, has spent nearly half her life fighting against injustices.

Siddak Ahuja / Sep 27, 2019

Canadian News

Greta Thunberg says “Trudeau is not doing enough” on climate change

“I don’t know why grow-ups would choose to mock children for communicating science. They can do something good instead,” she said.

Siddak Ahuja / Sep 27, 2019

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