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Dylan Gibbons

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Peel Regional Police investigate two homicides—each occurring within a 24 hour period

Police have no available information on possible suspects.

Dylan Gibbons / Sep 2, 2019

News, Culture

#MeToo backlash continues—now even women are less likely to hire women

The study found that 16% of men and 11% of women agreed with the statement “I will/would be more reluctant to hire attractive women.”

Dylan Gibbons / Sep 2, 2019

American News

Youth worker receives prison sentence for sexual abuse of a minor

For his crimes, Joseph Robertson received a two year prison sentence, followed by five years of supervised release.

Dylan Gibbons / Sep 2, 2019

Canadian News, Business & Finance

Air Canada fined $21,000 for not having proper French labeling

Air Canada has been ordered by the Federal Courts to pay $21,000 to an Ottawa couple who say that Air Canada violated their French-language rights.

Dylan Gibbons / Sep 2, 2019

Politics & Policy

Montreal School Boards to implement religious secularism law and abide by Bill C-21

“Some people will say that we are going too far. Some will say, we aren’t going far enough,” Legault said. “In reality, this bill is moderate, just like Quebecers.”

Dylan Gibbons / Sep 2, 2019

American News

Nineteen-year-old American charged with attempting to provide material support to ISIS—had plans of killing civilians in Queens

Included in the instructions are anatomical diagrams showing killers where to target victims when using a knife.

Dylan Gibbons / Aug 31, 2019

Selkirk RCMP prevent woman’s suicide attempt

A 40-year-old woman has been rescued by RCMP after police received calls of a woman perched upon the railing of a bridge located on Eaton Avenue in Selrick.

Dylan Gibbons / Aug 31, 2019

Barrie man charged with luring multiple minors and various child pornography offences

It isn’t clear how many potential victims there are, but police believe that more may have been contacted under similar circumstances across Ontario and possibly beyond.

Dylan Gibbons / Aug 31, 2019

Canadian News

Escaped Manitoba prisoner has been caught by police

Police report that Dustin Racette, a man who escaped from a Manitoba Corrections Officers, has been rearrested by police following a lengthy search.

Dylan Gibbons / Aug 30, 2019

Teenage boy arrested following drive-by shooting in Toronto

Toronto Police Service has just announced the arrest of a 16-year-old boy alleged to have committed a drive-by shooting on August 15.

Dylan Gibbons / Aug 30, 2019

Eight arrested in relation to alleged drug trafficking operation in New Brunswick

The age of those arrested range from 17 to 49 and included five men and three women.

Dylan Gibbons / Aug 30, 2019

Canadian News, Politics & Policy

Scheer says if elected he will not reopen same-sex marriage debate

“My personal views are that LGBT Canadians have the same inherent self-worth and dignity as any other Canadian and I will always uphold the law and always ensure they have equal access to the institution of marriage,” he said.

Dylan Gibbons / Aug 30, 2019

Man quickly arrested following police investigation into sexual assault at Scarborough Town Centre

Within 24 hours of the second assault, Rayyaz Gohar had been arrested. Police thanked the public for their assistance in the speedy arrest of Gohar.

Dylan Gibbons / Aug 29, 2019

International News

Mexican woman survives “extreme yoga” accident after fall breaks 110 bones in her body

To put this in perspective, an adult human body is composed of 206 bones, meaning Terrazas broke over half the bones in her body.

Dylan Gibbons / Aug 29, 2019


For the first time in history, The Beer Store will remain open on Labour Day

In total, 64 locations will remain open; however, LCBOs will be closed.

Dylan Gibbons / Aug 29, 2019

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