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Dylan Gibbons

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Ontario and Quebec meat recall — at least a dozen sick after salmonella outbreak

At least eight more beef products from Ontario have been recalled due to E Coli contamination, as well as several products in Quebec.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 24, 2019

Canadian News, Business & Finance

Trudeau Liberals to comply with Trans Mountain pipeline demands

After losing every single seat in both Alberta and Saskatchewan, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has dialled back his climate policy rhetoric.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 24, 2019

Environment Canada tells Alberta to brace for more snow

Despite a snowstorm earlier this month, Environment Canada predicts another snowstorm will descend on western and northern regions of the province, accompanied by 90 km/h winds.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 24, 2019

Two more bedbug outbreaks found in government buildings

Two additional bedbug cases in federal government offices have been found less than a week after downtown offices in Montreal had to be closed due to significant infestations.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 24, 2019

Former Ontario priest gets two-year sentence for stealing $1 million in refugee funds

Father Amer Saka, a former Catholic priest operating at churches in London and Kitchener, has just been sentenced to two years in prison for defrauding refugees and their families of nearly $1 million in funds.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 23, 2019

Canadian News, American News

Trump administration sues California over climate pact with Quebec

The United States federal government is suing California and other state entities, accusing them of trying to conduct their own foreign policy with Quebec by entering into a climate agreement.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 23, 2019

Canadian News

Massive house explosion in Manitoba leaves one dead and another critically injured

Late Tuesday evening, a massive house explosion in Brandon, Manitoba left one 63-year-old woman dead and a 63-year-old man critically injured. Police say that he needed to be airlifted to a Winnipeg hospital.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 23, 2019

American News, Culture

Bed Bath & Beyond cancels Jack-o’-lanterns over blackface complaints

While our prime minister can survive a blackface scandal, the same can’t be said for these pumpkins.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 23, 2019

Montreal man kills his two young children, takes his own life

On Monday, two children in Montreal were found killed by their father, who later committed suicide.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 23, 2019

International News

Thirty-nine people found dead in back of transport truck east of London, England

On Wednesday, October 23, Essex Police discovered a transport truck containing the dead bodies of 39 people believed to be from Bulgaria. 38 have been identified as adults, while 1 was a teen. All 39 were pronounced dead on site.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 23, 2019

American News, #Entertainment

E.T. child actor is all grown up and getting DUIs

Henry Thomas, the actor infamous for playing Elliott in E.T., was arrested Monday for driving under the influence.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 22, 2019

American News

A single bird took down a U.S. “doomsday plane” designed to survive nuclear war

The U.S. navy’s ‘doomsday plane’, designed to survive attacks from WMDs, has been downed by a single, lone bird.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 22, 2019

Toronto man survives kidnapping but suffers serious injuries

A man has been hospitalized with serious injuries after surviving an alleged kidnapping attempt Sunday afternoon.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 22, 2019

Canadian News, Politics & Policy

Saskatchewan Premier demands new deal between Canada, Alberta and Saskatchewan

Moe decided to take Prime Minister Justin Trudeau up on his offer of support, saying that nice words are great, but Saskatchewan and Alberta want action, and they want it now.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 22, 2019

Canadian News, Politics & Policy

#WEXIT: Western Canada separatism explodes on social media

“Trudeau’s re-election is going to tear Canada in half. Good job Quebec. You’ll get your separatism desires. The west is leaving,” wrote one Twitter user.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 22, 2019

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