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Dylan Gibbons

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Politics & Policy

WATCH: Jason Kenney rebuts Greta Thunberg and Alberta climate protesters

Rather than preventing Canadians from “heating their homes during the winter,” Kenney advocated “real-world solutions,” such as creating more ecologically efficient and cleaner means of transporting and extracting oil and gas.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 19, 2019

Canadian News, Technology, Politics & Policy

Facebook contacts Canadian government over pervasive Trudeau story deemed fake news

Facebook has contacted the Canadian government over a possible threat to election integrity resulting from a story published by the Buffalo Chronicle that involves Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 19, 2019

Montreal Immigration and Refugee Board forced to close down due to bed bug infestation

This government office is only one of many which have fallen prey to the pesky, ever resistant bed bug.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 18, 2019

Politics & Policy

Brampton NDP candidate exposed for shaming sex trafficking victim

Jordan Boswell, the NDP for the Brampton Centre riding, has been exposed on Twitter for having sexually shamed a sex trafficking victim in 2012.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 18, 2019

Business & Finance

Company linked to Warren Buffet investing $200 million into Alberta wind power

A subsidiary company of Warrant Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Energy, the Calgary-base BHE Canada, announced their plan to invest in a 200-million, 117.6-megawatt wind farm in southeastern Alberta in 2020.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 17, 2019

Cheating B.C. husband sues lover over cost of ring at request of scorned wife

After the wife found out about the affair, R.T., an anonymous name granted to the husband due to the extra-marital nature of the case, immediately demanded that A.L.T. repay the cost of the ring, valued at $1,000 plus tax in 2017.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 16, 2019

Nova Scotia Liberal MLA seeks addiction help after drunk driving incident

Hugh MacKay was charged with driving under the influence during the Thanksgiving weekend, the MLA for Chester-St. Margaret’s admitted in a statement released by the Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus Office on Tuesday morning.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 16, 2019


Alberta government has no plans to see Greta Thunberg during her visit

Alberta’s Provincial government has said they will not do anything to arrange a meeting with infamous climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 16, 2019

High-risk sex offender to live in Vancouver—police warn he is a risk to children

Police say that Smith has just been re-released from jail after federal offences and that he is at high-risk for committing sexual abuse, again. Police say that he is especially known for sexual violence against children.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 16, 2019

Canadian News, International News, Politics & Policy

China angry over Stephen Harper’s visit to Taiwan

China has issued an angry statement over Stephen Harper’s recent visit to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 15, 2019

Canadian News, Politics & Policy

WATCH: Canadian Islamic cleric calls all candidates evil for ‘supporting homosexuality and Zionism’

In a speech delivered to his congregation, Canadian Muslim cleric Younus Kathrada denounced every single candidate participating in the federal election.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 15, 2019

News, International News

WATCH: ‘Let me out!’ Funeral-goers hear dead man from coffin

In a pre-recorded voice recording, Bradley can be heard say, “Hello? Hello — Let me out! Where the f–k am I?” while he pounds his fist against wood, simulating the sound of someone on the inside of a coffin.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 15, 2019

International News, #Entertainment

Famous K-pop idol Sulli dies of apparent suicide

The talented star was found dead in her apartment at roughly 3:20 p.m. by her manager after she had failed to reply to his messages. Paramedics arrived 19 minutes later and pronounced her dead on scene.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 14, 2019

Culture, Business & Finance

Staff at Air Canada will no longer use ‘ladies and gentlemen’ to address passengers

In a bid to eliminate gendered terminology, Air Canada has decided to scrap the common address “ladies and gentlemen” or the French “mesdames et messieurs” for all staff.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 14, 2019

American News

Pope Francis accidentally blesses New Orleans Saints before 13-6 win over Jacksonville Jaguars

“Today we give thanks to the Lord for our new #Saints. They walked by faith and now invoke their intercession,” wrote Pope Francis on Twitter.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 14, 2019

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