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Biden administration to regulate Bitcoin, NFTs and cryptocurrencies as matter of 'national security' within weeks

The Biden administration has expressed its intent to develop a cohesive set of policies to regulate Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as current legislation and enforcement are too scattered across the board – arguing that the move is a matter of national security.

Ian Miles Cheong / Jan 28, 2022

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El Salvador harnesses the power of volcanoes to mine Bitcoin

On Friday, El Salvador President Nayib Bukele announced that the country has successfully produced the world's first Bitcoin powered by volcanoes.

Hannah Nightingale / Oct 1, 2021

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Twitter to implement Bitcoin tipping feature on platform

The new feature will be rolled out globally to all Apple IOS users this week, with Android users being able to access the feature in coming weeks.

Hannah Nightingale / Sep 23, 2021


Ukraine Parliament passes law that formally legalizes Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

The passage of this law on virtual assets is the first step in the country, allowing taxation and regulation of cryptocurrency.

Nick Monroe / Sep 9, 2021


Cardano's ADA coin passes $2.20 as platform announces date for key upgrade amid crypto resurgence

Next month’s integration of smart contract functionality will bring Cardano closer to being an Ethereum competitor.

Nick Monroe / Aug 14, 2021

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Mark Cuban backs dogecoin, cites its potential to become 'digital currency'

Since accepting dogecoin as a payment method for Dallas Maverick's merch in March, the team has seen over 20,000 transactions.

Adam Dobrer / Aug 14, 2021

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State Street Corporation to offer cryptocurrency services to their private-fund clients

State Street Corporation, in partnership with Lukka, will now be offering cryptocurrency services to its private-fund clients including cryptocurrency reporting, reconciliation and processing services.

Hannah Nightingale / Jul 29, 2021

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Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey to banter about Bitcoin at upcoming event

“The B Word” event on July 21st will have leading figureheads discuss the topic in the hopes to to “destigmatize” Bitcoin narratives for company leaders.

Nick Monroe / Jul 19, 2021

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Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto markets feel whiplash amidst Chinese crackdown

China's central bank is ensuring financial institutions root out any individual or group in-country that’s involved with cryptocurrency mining or trading.

Nick Monroe / Jun 21, 2021

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DOJ recovers $2.3 million in ransom paid to Colonial Pipeline hackers

FBI seized a server in California and acquired the private key associated with a central wallet involved.

Nick Monroe / Jun 7, 2021

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El Salvador to become first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender

El Salvador is looking to introduce legislation that will make it the world's first sovereign nation to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender alongside the US dollar.

Mia Cathell / Jun 5, 2021

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WATCH: White House press sec uses ransomware attacks to target cryptocurrencies

Psaki said the administration is "focused on the disruption of ransomware infrastructure...expanding crypto currency analysis, which we know is a factor given so many of these ransomware attacks..."

Libby Emmons / Jun 4, 2021

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BREAKING: Laura Loomer calls out Twitter CEO for censorship at Bitcoin event

At a Bitcoin 2021 event Friday, Laura Loomer called out panelist and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for censorship on his platform.

Hannah Nightingale / Jun 4, 2021

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UK police raid suspected marijuana farm, discovered Bitcoin mine

West Midland Police raided on May 18 what authorities suspected was an indoor pot farm in Sandwell, England. Instead, law enforcement found a Bitcoin mine.

James Anthony / May 28, 2021


BREAKING: PayPal to let users send cryptocurrencies from PayPal to their own wallets

PayPal will allow its users to send bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to their own wallets.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / May 26, 2021

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