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Kristen Monique

Kristen Monique is creator of The Wayward Daughter Blog. When not writing she’s watching My 600lb Life eating chips in solidarity working on her first book. IG @thewaywarddaughterblog

Culture, Discourse, #badge-discourse

Detransitioners make the case against transing children at Can I Get a Witness Conference

Wright found a therapist willing to write her a letter diagnosing her with Gender Dysphoria in exchange for five, one-hour sessions. She would end up in a situation that could have ended her life.

Kristen Monique / Sep 27, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Puberty blockers are not the easy fix trans-accepting parents want them to be

While medical professionals who take an oath to "do no harm" certainly have a responsibility to do due diligence before they start facilitating the whims of children, parents are more to blame.

Kristen Monique / Sep 10, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Media says transwomen are women when they perpetrate crime, but are transwomen when victims

Where the perpetrator is a transwoman, headlines declare that a "woman" has engaged in treacherous behavior. When a transwoman is a victim, headlines say a "transgender woman" has been hurt by hate.

Kristen Monique / Aug 9, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Trans advocates who threaten violence are seeking power not equality

If your crusade relies on bullying, abuse, and gaslighting, is it really even a movement? A movement that threatens women with violence in the name of equality is not actually seeking civil rights, but dominance and power.

Kristen Monique / Jul 18, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Abuse of black women ignored when it doesn't fit the narrative of the Black Lives Matter movement

What is a well-kept secret to individuals outside of the community is well-known to individuals within the community.

Kristen Monique / Jun 19, 2020

Opinion, American News

Mainstream media glosses over the deaths of Black women

Unarmed white males and Black males have about the same odds of being fatally shot by police.

Kristen Monique / Jun 6, 2020

Opinion, American News

Joe Biden underestimates Black voters' ability to think for themselves

What Biden said was not only condescending but just as racist as he'd likely claim any random Trump quote on race is.

Kristen Monique / May 22, 2020

#unrestricted, Opinion, American News

The media's desire to 'get' Trump is its downfall

The desire certain media outlets have for taking every comment Trump makes and running with as though it is false is not only trite but troubling.

Kristen Monique / May 19, 2020

Opinion, American News

Arbery case shows flaws in 'stand your ground' laws

As Arbery was not committing a crime at the time he was confronted and killed and therefore, the citizen's arrest law appears to be inapplicable.

Kristen Monique / May 12, 2020

#unrestricted, Opinion

Surgeon General Adams was right—the African-American community is not helpless

Adams drew criticism from many in the African-American community for comments directing African-Americans and Latinos to stop drinking and smoking. But he's not wrong.

Kristen Monique / Apr 13, 2020

Opinion, Culture, Lifestyle, #Entertainment

What My 600-lb Life teaches us about relationships

Real life is scarier than any made-up television program, which is why My 600-lb Life is one of my favorite shows.

Kristen Monique / Mar 12, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Murders of Black women erased by media focus on trans violence

If you’ve ever attempted to Google how many women, Black women, or “cis” women were killed in any given year,…

Kristen Monique / Mar 6, 2020

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