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Toronto Fire Service captain in intensive care after devastating fall

A Toronto Fire Services captain remains in intensive care following a devastating fall off a burning building.

Dylan Gibbons / Nov 3, 2019

American News, Culture, Business & Finance

Pro-disability pizzeria dismayed by ‘cruel’ treatment of disabled staff

“It was made clear we’re not wanted,” Fixter said. “It’s been hard, though, as the staff want to know why people are so mean.”

Dylan Gibbons / Nov 2, 2019

Winnipeg toddler stabbed while sleeping will be taken off life support

The family of a Winnipeg toddler who was stabbed earlier this week, says that the injuries inflicted upon their child has left the toddler brain dead.

Dylan Gibbons / Nov 1, 2019

Hydro-Quebec: nearly one million may be without electricity over the weekend

Over 900,000 Quebecers have been left without power for the weekend following brutal weather.

Dylan Gibbons / Nov 1, 2019

American News

Seven-year-old girl shot while trick-or-treating

A seven-year-old girl has become the latest victim of gang violence after being shot while trick-or-treating in Chicago’s Little Village.

Dylan Gibbons / Nov 1, 2019

Canadian News, Business & Finance

After Trudeau reelection, Canadian oil company immediately moves its headquarters to U.S.

Encana Corp. has announced its plans to move its headquarters to the U.S.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 31, 2019


Toronto City Council votes to review library rental policies following Meghan Murphy event

Toronto Councillors voted to review policies surrounding community space use following Murphy’s event.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 31, 2019

American News, International News

Pentagon releases video of raid on al-Baghdadi

It was originally believed that Baghdadi dragged three children with him down one of the compound’s tunnels, as he fled from U.S. forces. This was found to be incorrect, with only two children being found dead along with the ISIS leader.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 30, 2019

Canadian News, Business & Finance

Saudi Arabia still owes Canada $3.4 billion in late payments for Canadian LAVs

Saudi Arabia still owes Canadian company $3.4 billion in late payments for Light Armored Vehicles (LAVs).

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 30, 2019

Canadian News

‘I heard my knee crack’—Bianca Andreescu eliminated from WTA due to knee injury

Canadian tennis phenom Bianca Andreescu’s magical season ends sadly with serious knee injury.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 30, 2019


Complaint nearly ruins Ontario man’s Halloween display

Fortunately, Garber says more people have been angry with the town and complainer than any have been with his display. Furthermore, he says that plenty in the neighbourhood have come out in support of his wicked Halloween display.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 30, 2019

News, Culture

Vegans enraged by Hungry Jack’s plant-based ‘Rebel Burger’

While the ‘Rebel Burger’ is 100 percent plant based, there is still a big problem: the burger doesn’t have its own meat-free grill.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 30, 2019

Culture, International News

Study finds that men are funnier than women on average

A study found women are generally less funny than men.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 30, 2019

Politics & Policy

Doug Ford returns to Queen’s Park and starts making moves

Now that the election is over, Ford is back in Queen’s Park and he’s already starting to make moves.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 29, 2019

International News, Politics & Policy

U.K. MPs reject Boris Johnson’s call for December election

“This House can no longer keep this country hostage,” Johnson told MPs, adding that Parliament had become “dysfunctional”.

Dylan Gibbons / Oct 28, 2019

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